2016 13 Colonies Certificate

The 13 Colonies Special Event Is Coming!!

The 13 Colonies Special Event is coming soon. It is the largest on-air special event in the world and it will take place from July 1 (9 AM EST) to July 6th (Midnight EST). The idea of the event is to work each state which grew from the original 13 Colonies.  If you work one or more of the 13, you will receive a certificate like the one above. There will also be two bonus stations WM3PEN at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA and GB13COL in the United Kingdom. If you work all 13 Colonies plus these, it will be noted on your certificate.

K2K New Hampshire 13 Colonies Special Event QSL Card
K2K New Hampshire QSL Card


Each Colony station has a K2x Special Event call and will provide a QSL card to confirm your contact. The Event logged over 126,000 contacts in 2015 with K2K New Hampshire contributing over 10,000 of these. You can see a recap of the 2015 K2K New Hampshire operation here.

13 Colonies Special Event 2016 - K2K NH Top Club
13 Colonies Special Event 2016 – K2K NH Top Club


I am the Thirteen Colonies State Manager for New Hampshire and we have assembled a team of operators from our club to work the event. Fred, AB1OC and Anita, AB1QB will provide training for the New Hampshire operator team and will make their station available for use during the event.

Fred, K2K New Hampshire

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