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ARRL Board Explores Entry-Level License Options…

Looks like the ARRL Board is headed in the right direction on Amateur Radio License changes to make Amateur Radio more accessible to new people and you folks.

Reposted by: Fred, AB1OC

Source: ARRL Board Explores Entry-Level License Options, Ways to Face Future Challenges

Meeting July 21-22 in Farmington, Connecticut, the ARRL Board of Directors took steps to chart a firmer future for Amateur Radio by enhancing the value of the entry-level license and by providing ongoing support for new licensees. ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR, chaired the second regular meeting of 2017.

“The general goal here is to have an entry-level license that offers a way for a newcomer to experience multiple facets of Amateur Radio,” the committee’s report said, “encouraging them to get on the air, meet other licensees, and engage in a lifetime of learning while using Amateur Radio.”ARRL New England Division Director Tom Frenaye, K1KI, presented the report of the Ad Hoc Entry-Level License Committee. He said the committee’s initial, informal survey attracted nearly 7,900 responses. A second random survey drew another 375 responses. “A clear majority favored a revision to the Technician rather than a new entry-level license,” the committee’s report said, noting that this would require no change to the Technician examination, which already covers more material than necessary for an entry-level examination.

“This choice requires the simplest revision to FCC rules,” the committee report said. The committee suggested expanded digital access on 80, 40, and 15 meters, where Technicians already have CW access, as well as the addition of Technician phone privileges on those bands. Frenaye pointed out that while the Amateur Radio population is growing, the annual rate of growth has stagnated at about 1%. “There is a general consensus…that something needs to happen,'” the committee’s report said, noting a generally favorable attitude toward attracting newcomers.

Later in the meeting, the Board charged the ARRL Executive Committee with developing a plan to implement the ad hoc committee’s recommendation to make the current Technician class license more attractive and useful by expanding its operating privileges on HF to include phone and digital modes. The Board asked the Ad Hoc Entry-Level License Committee to further research and develop the details of a second recommendation to improve successful outreach to prospective radio amateurs and help them through the licensing process.

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Fall 2017 License Class Dates Set

Do you know someone who is interested in getting licensed as an Amateur Radio Operator?  Are you looking to upgrade your license to General or Extra class?  We will be giving three license classes this fall. Our Fall 2017 License Class dates are:

  • Technician:  September 30 – October 1
  • General: November 4-5
  • Extra: December 1-3

All classes will be given at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Nashua and will start at 8:00 am and end at 6:00 pm each day.  We will hold an exam session at 4 pm on the last day (Sunday) of each class.

All of our classes use the Gordon West License Class books.  If you are interested in the class, pick up a copy of the book for your class and start reading!  You can register for the class using our online form.

License Class Dates - Teaching at Darmouth-Hitchcock
Teaching Amateur Radio License Classes

You can visit our License Class Page or contact Anita at [email protected] for more information on our classes,

2017 Spring Extra License Class

We just completed another successful Extra License class! Congratulations to the new Extras,  Abby Finchum, KC1FFX,  John Mara, KB1UX, and Tom Linehan, KB1VON.

Extra License Class Brithday!
Abby Blows out Candles on Birthday Cake

Abby celebrated her 13th birthday on Saturday during the class.  She was able to identify the Common Emitter Amplifier on the cake before she blew out the candles!  Her wish came true on Sunday!

Extra License Class Demos
Dave N1RF doing Antenna Demo
Extra License Class Demos
Fred, AB1OC demos Test Equipment and Waveforms

In addition to the classroom instruction, we had an Antenna Demo by Dave, N1RF and a demo of Test Equipment by Fred, AB1OC.

License Class New Extra Operator
New Extra John Mara, KB1UX with Wayne Wagner, AG1A

Thanks to all of our instructors and VEs for all of the hard work that it took to put on this class:

Fall License Classes

Our Fall Technician and General License classes held on September 24-25 and October 22-23 was a great success! We had a total of 10 new hams from our Technician class – 8 received their Technician License and 2 received their General Class License.

7 people received upgrades during our General class – 6 Generals and 1 Extra.

Congratulations to the following club members who received a license or upgrade through our classes!

Abby Finchum, KC1FFX, General
Connor Finchum, KC1GGX, General
Joe Kagenski, KC1GKP, Extra
Jill Gordon, KC1GKL, Technician
Carol Gardner, KC1GKO, General
Ben Scott, KC1GKN, General

Abby and Connor pass their General Exam
Abby and Connor pass their General Exam

Thanks to the instructors and VEs who helped out in the License Class and VE Session!!

The Fall Extra Class will be held on December 2-4 at Dartmouth Hitchcock Nashua. There are still slots available in the class. If you are interested in the class, contact Anita, AB1QB at [email protected]