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Nashua Area Radio Society N1FD QSL Card
Nashua Area Radio Society N1FD QSL Card

The best way to learn about our organization is to look around here on our website. In particular, take a look at the following (click on the links to look at the content on our website):

Membership Meetings and Tech Nights

Our Membership Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. You can find out about our meetings here. We have a variety of speakers who share interesting presentations about Amateur Radio at our meetings. We invite you to attend one of our meetings. This is a great way to meet our members and learn more about what we are doing.

Learn About Our Club Tech Night Sessions
Tech Night Session – All About Field Day

Our Tech Nights are held on the Second Tuesday of each month. These sessions are technical and how-to in nature. Previous Tech Nights have covered a wide range of topics – everything from How To Get On The Air to Software Defined Radios to Surface Mount Soldering and much more. They are put on by our members to help build our technical knowledge, operating skills and our stations. We invite you to come to one our Tech Night Sessions and see what they are about. We produce videos of these sessions and our members have access to an archive of these videos and the associated presentation materials so they can readily use the wealth of information shared at our Tech Nights. You can find out more about our Tech Night Program here.

Help Getting Started

Learn About Our Club - License Class Grad with Her CSCE
Class Grad with Her CSCE

Perhaps you are looking to earn your first Amateur Radio License or upgrade your existing License to a higher class. We can help you. We teach license classes to help you earn all three levels of Amateur Radio Licenses. We also provide many training and mentoring (emerging) opportunities for Amateurs who want to learn more about Ham Radio.

Learn About Our Activities

Our 2016 Field Day Highlights Video

We also provide many on the air operating opportunities for our members. Field Day is one of our largest On-Air events each year. You can learn more about our annual Field Day operation here or click on the video above to see some highlights from our most recent Field Day operation. We have invested in towers, antennas, and other equipment which enables us to host a top-notch Field Day experience and emergency preparedness training exercise each year.

Learn About Our Club - National Parks On The Air Activation
National Parks On The Air Activation

We are also quite active in On-Air Operating Events including the ARRL National Parks On The Air Program and the 13 Colonies Special Event. We also have Weekly Chat Nets. Some of our members also offer opportunities for members to use their stations to operate in On-Air Contests using our call sign, N1FD. Some recent N1FD entries include the New England QSO Party,  the ARRL Rookie Roundup, and the New Hampshire QSO Party. Our members operating skill and on-air operations have earned multiple recognitions for operating excellence.

Nashua Area Radio Society Activity Highlights

As you can probably tell, there is a lot going on! Check out the videos above for highlights of our activities.

STEM Learning via High Altitude Balloon Projects

The Nashua Area Radio Society provides many learning opportunities for young people. One of our most important projects is about bringing STEM learning opportunities to school students via our High-Altitude Balloon (HAB) Projects involving Amateur Radio.

Amateur Radio Club - Our HAB's View From The Edge Of Space
A View From  HAB-1 From The Edge Of Space – Over 90,000 ft

Our HABs carry a 2m APRS transmitter which sends our HAB’s position and other telemetry data to the ground during its flight.   Our HABs also carry two GoPro video cameras as part of its payload. These cameras take some amazing video during balloon flights.  Our first HAB flew to 91,650 ft in about 3 hours and 10 minutes. Our second HAB flew to 117,932 ft in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The descent took about an hour for both HAB-1 and HAB-2. Here is a picture from the 2nd camera on the HAB-1 looking up at the balloon just before it burst.

Nashua Area Radio Club HAB - Looking Upward at Altitude
Looking Upward at Altitude

You can find more on the HAB launches in forum posts about our HAB’s Projects and Flights.

You can view the video of HAB-1’s launch and flight above.

And the video of HAB-2’s launch and flight can also be viewed above

You can find out more about our HAB projects and the STEM learning work that we do as part of them via the Space Category on our blog here on our website.

About Membership

We currently enjoy over 150 members and we’d love to have you join us. When you join the Nashua Area Radio Society, you will have lots Amateur Radio activities and learning opportunities to choose from. You’ll also gain access to the member’s area of our website which includes full access to our Forums where you can ask questions and get help learning how to build and operate your station as well as access to the videos and presentation archives from all of our Tech Night sessions.

You can join online here on our website.

We hope to meet you in person soon!


Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC

Jamey Finchum, AC1DC
Membership Chairperson

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