Our E-Mail Addresses

E-mail Addresses
The following are E-mail Addresses that can be used to contact various groups or officers in our organization. You can find more contact information here. In addition, most locations on our site include email links for contact purposes.

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eMail AddressPurpose
pres@n1fd.orgContact Our President
vp@n1fd.orgContact Our Vice President
secy@n1fd.orgContact Our Secretary
treas@n1fd.orgContact Our Treasurer
activities@n1fd.orgContact Our Activities Chairperson
membership@n1fd.orgContact Our Membership Chairperson
programs@n1fd.orgContact Our Programs Chairperson
webmaster@n1fd.orgContact Our Webmaster

Depreciated E-Mail Addresses (where did they go?)

Many of our previous e-mail lists have been replaced by Forums on our website. Our forums allow content that would normally have been sent via e-mail exploders to be more easily viewed and searched by our members. To reach members on a topic, just use the Forum which replaced the email list. Here’s a handy reference:

Previous Email ListReplaced By
[email protected]Board of Directors Forum
[email protected]Member Help and Suggestions Forum
[email protected]Elmering Forum
[email protected]Field Day Forum
[email protected]Members Forum
[email protected][email protected]
[email protected]Please post your article on our Blog


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