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New Satellite Coming Soon and Good Deal on Satellite Book

The next of AMSAT-NA’s FM repeater satellites, RadFxSat (aka “Fox-1b” is expected to be launched November 10 VERY early in the morning.  Keep an eye out on amsat.org for the launch results and when it is released to the public.  In the meantime, I just discovered this nice deal (on the AMSAT Facebook page):

As part of the preparations for the launch of RadFxSat on November 10th, AMSAT is making our “Getting Started With Amateur Satellites” book available for a limited time as a download with any paid new or renewal membership purchased via the AMSAT Store. This offer is only available with purchases completed online, and for only a limited time. A perennial favorite, Getting Started is updated every year with the latest amateur satellite information, and is the premier primer of satellite operation. The 182 page book is presented in PDF format, in full color, and covers all aspects of making your first contacts on a ham radio satellite.

Please take advantage of this offer today by visiting the AMSAT store at https://www.amsat.org/shop/ and selecting any membership option. While there, check out our other items, including the M2 LEOpack antenna system, Arrow antennas, AMSAT shirts, and other swag. Be sure to view your cart before going to checkout. If you add a membership and then go directly to checkout, you’ll never see an option to add your free gift.

Thank you, and see you soon on RadFxSat!

Getting Started with Satellites Book
Getting Started with Satellites Book

I am a member of AMSAT, as I know a number of you are, but if you are interested in ham radio satellites and have not joined, I hope you will consider supporting the US group that builds them!

Burns, W2BFJ

Raspberry Pi Satellite Rotator Interface

We’ve been using our Portable Satellite Station 2.0 for some time now and it works great. One area that can be improved is the interface between the MacDoppler Satellite Tracking program we use and the GHTracker application which controls the Green Heron Engineering RT-21 Az/El Rotator Controller in our setup…

Source: Raspberry Pi Satellite Rotator Interface | Our HAM Station

The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive computer and control platform for many Ham Radio projects. We recently used a Raspberry Pi 3 to build an interface between the MacDoppler Satellite Tracking Software in our Portable Satellite Station and the Rotator Control System points the ground station antennas during satellite tracking. We put together an article about how we went about this project and some details of the hardware and software we used to put a Raspberry Pi 3 computer together for our project.

Fred, AB1OC