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Education and Training information is for folks looking for help to earn or upgrade their license, learn about Amateur Radio, and get help with Ham Radio questions.

N1FD Multi-Op Team #1 in Area 1 in 2018 Rookie Roundup SSB

ARRL Rookie Roundup SSB Scores
ARRL Rookie Roundup SSB Scores

2018 ARRL Rookie Roundup SSB Results

The scores are in.  The N1FD Multi-Op entry placed first in Area 1 in the 2018 ARRL Rookie Roundup SSB.  We also had the highest score of all the operators in the contest!

Congratulations to the Operators:

It was great to see how much the Rookies’ operating skills improved the longer they operated.  They are now seasoned operators who are ready for Field Day and the 13 Colonies events!

Dan, AC1EN logs with Keith, KC1IMK at the Mic
Dan, AC1EN logs with Keith, KC1IMK at the Mic

Thanks also to the members who elmered the Rookies, Jamey, AC1DC, Aron, W1AKI and Fred, AB1OC!

The ARRL Rookie Roundup SSB is a 6-hour contest for amateurs who were first licensed in 2016, 2017 or 2018.  The N1FD multi-op entry operated from AB1QB and AB1OC’s QTH on Sunday, April 15th.

Rookies and Elmers who joined the weekly repeater net.
Rookies and Elmers who joined the weekly repeater net.

Members who operated or elmered in the contest joined us after the contest in the weekly repeater net.  The live stream from our shack can be found on the N1FD Facebook Page.

Next Rookie Roundup

The next Rookie Roundup will be the Rookie Roundup RTTY to be held on Sunday, August 19th.    All Rookies or anyone who has never operated digital before are welcome to join us – hold the date!

Extra License Class – April 27-29

The Nashua Area Radio Society will hold our final license class of the Spring 2018 season, the Amateur Extra License class, on Friday – Sunday, April 27-29.

The Extra Class License is an upgrade from General Class.  Extra class will give you access to more frequencies on the HF bands, especially where those rare DX like to operate from.

Spring 2018 Extra Class Flyer

Day 1 of the class will be held at AB1OC/AB1QB’s QTH.  We will have lots of demos to help reinforce the material including test equipment, antennas and operating.  Days 2 and 3 will be held at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

Gordon West Extra Class Book
Gordon West Extra Class License Book

Class preparation

To prepare for the class, you need to read the Gordon West Extra Class book, which can be found on  When you register, we will send you a pre-work assignment based on the materials in the book.

We also recommend that you take practice exams like those from AA9PW or HamTestOnline.

To register for the class, visit

Any questions?  Contact Anita, AB1QB at [email protected].

Spring 2018 General License Class Results

Our Spring 2018 General License Class, held on March 24th and 25th was a huge success.    All students passed their General Exam and one student also passed his Extra Exam!

2018 Spring General Class
2018 Spring General Class

Congratulations to the following club member who are now General Class operators:

  • Dan Pooler, KC1JDY
  • Keith Sangillo – KC1IMK
  • Mark Sangillo – KC1IML
  • Girish Sripathi – KC1IGD
  • Charlie Reynolds – KC1IFY
  • Craig Bailey – N1SFT
  • Andrea Perdicaro – KC1JDX
  • Bill MacFeeley – KC1JDZ
  • Avanti Borucki – KC3DZG
  • Bobby Hazelton – KC1JEE
  • Thomas Luteran – N1SUW
Dan, KC1JDY and Fred, AB1OC
Dan, KC1JDY and Fred, AB1OC

Congratulations to Dan Pooler, KC1JDY/AE for also passing his Extra Exam!

Abby, AB1BY
Abby, AB1BY teaching about the OO program by reading her “Good Operator” OO card!

Thanks to our Instructor Team and our VE Team for all of the hard work to teach the class and run the exam session!!

Get ready for Antenna Modeling

Antenna Modeling
EZNEC Example

The March Tech Night (March 13, 2018) will have an introduction to antenna modeling by me, Scott, NE1RD. I’ll begin by going through some antenna theory and then proceed on to the NEC-2 software and its popular front ends EZNEC and CocoaNEC. (Both the evaluation/demo version of EZNEC, and the Macintosh-based CocoaNEC are free.) LINUX users should consider getting Andy (KB1OIQ) Stewart’s Andy’s Ham Radio Linux suite. The main concepts you’ll learn will apply equally well to any of these programs.

Please download the antenna modeling software for your platform,  and download the slides for this presentation from the Tech Night web page. The slides have a lot of detail on them, and it will be much easier to see the subtleties on your own screen.

So, bring your laptop with software and slides, and we’ll have you modeling antennas by the end of the evening. See you there!

Scott, NE1RD