Tom's and Dave's Presentation at our Meeting

A Very Memorable Club Meeting

We had a very memorable club meeting last evening. Tom Gallagher NY2RF, CEO of the ARRL and Dave Patton NN1N were our speakers. Tom and Dave talked with us about their plans for the future of the ARRL and our hobby. Their plans include:

  • Initiatives to bring young people and new folks into our hobby
  • Plans for electronics oriented education and training
  • Social Media enhanced information sharing within the Amateur Radio community

These goals align well with the work that our club has been doing over the past 18 months.

13 Colonies Top Club Award Presentation
13 Colonies Top Club Award Presentation

We also used this opportunity to recognize the members of our club who operated as K2K New Hampshire in the Thirteen Colonies Special Event this year. Their efforts made our club the Top Club in the event this year, making over 9,700 contacts.

Abby Finchum Presenting our Youth Outreach Plans
Abby Finchum Presenting our Youth Outreach Plans

Abby Finchum KC1FFX, her Dad Jamey KC1ENX, and Brian Smigielski AB1ZO have been working on a project to interest young people in Amateur Radio. Abby did a nice presentation of their plans and asked for folks to volunteer to help us.

Members and Guests at our Meeting
Members and Guests at our Meeting

We invited several other clubs in New Hampshire and Massachusetts to join us for our meeting. Our club had a good turnout for the meeting.

Our Thanks to Tom Gallagher and Dave Patton
Our Thanks to Tom Gallagher and Dave Patton

We ended our meeting by thanking Tom and Dave for taking the time to come to talk about where the ARRL and Amateur Radio are headed. Their plans and work to keep our hobby strong and to evolve the ARRL into the future are very much appreciated by the Amateur Radio community and by our club.

Fred, AB1OC

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4 thoughts on “A Very Memorable Club Meeting”

  1. Sorry I could not attend such a memorable evening.
    Thanks Fred & all for supporting local Hams.
    Chuck N1 EMW

  2. Thanks to all the Nashua ARC and visitor club members for the hospitality. It was a real pleasure to be with you, to hear your candid thoughts about ARRL and the Amateur Radio community. We are enormously proud of what you–together–have achieved in your activities. Please keep those cards and letters rolling into HQ.
    Our very best wishes to all of you, Tom & Dave

  3. I’m thrilled to hear the meeting was a smash hit. It has been a long time since I’ve seen the library auditorium FILLED for a club meeting. I recommend you make sure everyone on in NARC sees the response from Tom and Dave regarding their trip to the club.
    73 de TE

  4. Thank you for a very enjoyable evening. You have a very excellent club. Keep up the great work!!..
    James N1PZP

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