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Spring 2018 Extra Class

We held our final license class of the semester, the Spring 2018 Extra Class, on April 27-29.  The first 2 days were held at AB1OC and AB1QB’s QTH.  This allowed us to do many demos to re-enforce the materials in the class and help the students to figure out what they want to do with their new privileges.

Extra Class 2018 Spring Antenna Tour
Fred, AB1OC give the Spring 2018 Extra Class students a tour of his Antenna Farm

Congratulations to the new Extras!

Thanks go out to all of our hardworking instructors and VEs, without whom this would not be possible.

Extra thanks to Merle Insinga,  W1MSI, for all of her help with keeping the presentations on track and getting lunch!

HAB 3 Update

HAB 3 Update:  We have been working with four schools this winter and spring in preparation for the HAB 3 launch in the next few weeks.  The schools are:

  • Hudson Memorial School, Hudson, NH
  • World Academy, Nashua, NH
  • Bishop Guertin High School, Nashua, NH
  • Merrimack High School, Merrimack, NH
HMS Students on the air during HAB Session
HMS Students on the air during HAB Session

HAB Instruction

Hudson Memorial School and World Academy are new to the HAB program – we have been giving weekly sessions to the students on the science behind the HAB.  This year, we added a new topic to the curriculum, Space Communications which has proved to be popular.

World Academy Students in HAB Program
World Academy Students in HAB Program

Advanced HAB Program

The other 2 schools, Bishop Guertin High School and Merrimack High School have been through the HAB curriculum in the past.  We have developed a new program involving kit building and CW that has proven to be very popular.

We have hosted kit builds with both schools to build the Pixie 40 m QRP kit.  There was great interest from both schools in the kit build and all kits were built successfully.

Bishop Guertin High School Students building Pixie Kit
Bishop Guertin High School Students building Pixie Kit

The 2nd part of the activity is a CW competition.  Teams of 2 students compete in a competition at each school.  They use their Pixie kits with Keys connected to send a message to their teammate.  The team that copies the CW most accurately in the least time wins the prize, which is an Oscilloscope kit and another Pixie kit.  We have held the competition with the students from Merrimack High School and it was a great success and all students, teachers and NARS members who elmered them had a great time!

MHS Morse Code Competition Winners
Merrimack High School Morse Code Competition Winners

We also helped 3 students from Merrimack and Bishop Guertin High Schools to earn their Tech Licenses during our Spring Tech License Class.

HAB 3 Launch Plans


HAB-1 Launch!
HAB-1 Launch!

The HAB 3 Launch will happen on a Saturday or Sunday over the next few weeks.  We are watching the jet stream and launch predictions and will schedule it on a day where the conditions look good.  Stay tuned to the website for more info when the date is scheduled.

Extra License Class – April 27-29

The Nashua Area Radio Society will hold our final license class of the Spring 2018 season, the Amateur Extra License class, on Friday – Sunday, April 27-29.

The Extra Class License is an upgrade from General Class.  Extra class will give you access to more frequencies on the HF bands, especially where those rare DX like to operate from.

Spring 2018 Extra Class Flyer

Day 1 of the class will be held at AB1OC/AB1QB’s QTH.  We will have lots of demos to help reinforce the material including test equipment, antennas and operating.  Days 2 and 3 will be held at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

Gordon West Extra Class Book
Gordon West Extra Class License Book

Class preparation

To prepare for the class, you need to read the Gordon West Extra Class book, which can be found on Amazon.com.  When you register, we will send you a pre-work assignment based on the materials in the book.

We also recommend that you take practice exams like those from AA9PW or HamTestOnline.

To register for the class, visit https://www.n1fd.org/amateur-radio-license-class-registration/

Any questions?  Contact Anita, AB1QB at [email protected].