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2017 Field Day Operation

Come join us for our 2017 Field Day Operation. We will setup at the Hollis-Brookline High School on Friday and Saturday Morning. Field Day On Air Operations will commence at 2 pm local time on Saturday and run for 24 hours. There will be lots of activities for everyone to participate in. If you’d like to help with Field Day, please contact Dave, K1DLM or post in the Field Day Forum here on our website.

Field Day Station Test

Field Day Station Test - Field Day QTH
Field Day QTH

It’s almost time for the 2016 Field Day Event and we’ve been in high gear getting ready. We will be setting up at the Hollis-Brookline High School in Hollis this year. The Featured image for this article shows a satellite view of the site. We have already held two Field Day Planning Meetings and many club members have volunteered to help with our Field Day Operation for this year. You can read the latest about our Field Day plans in the Field Day Forum here on our site. Our club was very active in WRT2014 and we were able to purchase several of the WRTC station and tower kits from that effort.

In preparation for Field Day each year, we like to set up our station kit in our backyard to verify that all of our equipment is ready and in good working order. The first step is always to pitch the wall tent from the WRTC kit. The tent and the associated tables/chairs can comfortably hold 3 – 4 people.

Field Day SSB Station Test
Field Day SSB Station Test

We will be using the new IC-7300 Transceiver for Field Day this year. As you can see from the pictures from last year, we used an Elecraft KX3 Transceiver in 2015 along with an outboard KXPA100 100W Amplifier to bring the station up to 100W and Elecraft’s PX3 Panadapter. The either of these combinations makes a great 100W Field Day Station as does any good 100W transceiver that can be operated from 13.8Vdc power.

Elecraft KX3 Field Day Station Test
Elecraft KX3 Field Day Station

We’ve also used a Behringer HA400 four channel headphone amplifier (the unit on the right on top of the power supply) with our Field Day setup. This enables connection of a total of 4 sets of headphones to the station – one for the operator, one for a logger and two more pairs for folks to listen in on the fun. Our club has been doing a great deal of outreach to encourage new HAMs to join the hobby and we built this setup so that some of the new folks can listen in on our operation more easily. We will be using a Heil Pro 7 headset to operate and we will have 3 sets of Heil Pro Set 3 headphones for others to use. The Heil gear is very comfortable, light weight and sound great over the air.

N1MM+ Logger
N1MM+ Logger

We will again be using the N1MM+ Logger for Field Day. It is very easy to set up N1MM+ to work with the IC-7300 or the KX3. We will be doing an N1MM+ demo and training at our June Tech Night session to help others in our club to get going on the N1MM+ logger.

Generator Test
Generator Test

One of the many great aspects of Field Day is that it requires those who participate to test their emergency equipment and field operating skills each year. Our club has a large generator and power distribution system that we all share for Field Day. We use our station test session as a reason to get our smaller generators out for a test run. We have a pair of Honda EU2000 generators which can be used together to generate quite a bit of power.

Our club has quite a bit of antenna equipment and we will be putting up two 40 ft towers and tri-band beams with Triplexes and Filters for our 20m, 15m and 10m SSB and CW stations. We are planning a 40m Delta Loop array for our club to use for 40m and we’ll also be putting up 40m and 80m inverted-V and dipole antennas.

I hope that everyone in our club will join in on the Field Day fun again this year.

Fred, AB1OC

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Plans for N1FD Field Day 2016

Field Day Planning Team
Field Day Planning Team

Our 2016 Field Day Operation is rapidly approaching and our planning is in high gear! We have a great planning team working on Field Day this year and we have a lot of fun planned!

Field Day Planning - Site Layout at Hollis-Brookline High School
Site Layout at Hollis-Brookline High School

We will be operating at the Hollis-Brookline High School in Hollis, NH this year. We’ve been working on antenna plans and a layout for the site. We expect to be 7A or 8A this year. We are also going to try operating using a combination of Digital and SSB Phone from the SSB Stations.

Falling Derrick Tower and Beams
Falling Derrick Tower and Beams

We will have two towers with Tri-band Yagis for 20m, 15m and 10m and Inverted-V antennas for 80m/75m. We will be using triplexers and bandpass filters to allow the Tri-band Yagis to be shared across three transceivers as we did last year.

One tower will be used for CW operations as well as supporting the club’s 4 Element, 6m Yagi. The 6m Yagi will be rotatable. Jeff, WA1HCO and Tom, AB1NS have some cool plans for the 6m station this year which include Meteor Scatter and Es Contacts if we can catch openings on 6m. The CW tower will also have a 40m Inverted-V Antenna.

The other tower will be used to support the SSB/Digital stations on 75m, 20m, 15m, and 10m as well as an 11 Element Yagi for 70cm (more on this below).

Field Day Planning - 40m 3 Element V-Beam
40m 3 Element V-Beam Plans

We are planning some new antenna and station projects for our 2016 Field Day operation. We are going to build a 3 Element, 40m V-Beam Array using three 50 ft guyed masts. This antenna should perform comparably to a 40m short 2 Element Yagi at 70 ft.

Digital ATV Demonstration on 70cm

We are also planning a Digital Fast Scan ATV link between our Field Day site and the Nashoba Valley Club’s site. This will allow us to send and receive Live Digital Video between the two sites on the 70cm band.

20m Buddipole Ground Plane Antenna for GOTA Station
20m Buddipole Ground Plane Antenna for GOTA Station

Wayne, KB1HYL will be operating the GOTA Station again this year. We are going to put the GOTA station on 20m using a Ground Plane Vertical Antenna built from Buddipole Kit.

Club Meeting About Field Day Planning
Club Meeting About Field Day

Our Field Day Planning team is planning a great presentation on Field Day 2016 at our next Club Meeting on June 7th and our Tech Night on June 14th will be all about the Technical Side of Field Day – Building Antennas, Setting Towers and Stations, Loggers, Digital Modes and much more. Don’t miss these!

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Fred (Field Day Incident Commander, N1FD)

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