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SOTA/POTA Activation on Mt. Washington

On August 26, a group of members did a SOTA/POTA Activation from the top of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast at 6288 ft.  Members reached the summit by different means.  Abby, AB1BY and Mike AB1YK hiked to the summit.  Patrick, KC1HDN and his XYL Dorothy took the Cog Railway and others took the Mount Washington Auto Road.

Entrance to the Mount Washington Auto Road
Entrance to the Mount Washington Auto Road

Driving up the Auto Road

Fred, AB1OC, Tony, KC1DLX, and Anita, AB1QB, road up the Auto Road.  It was an 8-mile drive to the top with breathtaking views along the way.

A Stop along the Auto Road
A Stop along the Auto Road

We had great weather on the mountain.  Clouds sometimes passed overhead but it was sunny most of the time which provided for great views of the surrounding White Mountains.

View from the Summit
View from the Summit

Operating at the Summit

When we reached the summit, we set up a 6-meter station with an Icom IC-7300 and an M2 6 meter beam at 22 ft.

6 meter beam antenna at the Summit
6-meter beam antenna at the Summit

The station was powered by batteries and solar panels.

Fred, AB1OC, Mike, AB1YK, and Tony, KC1DLX setting up the solar panels
Fred, AB1OC, Mike, AB1YK, and Tony, KC1DLX setting up the solar panels

Fred, Tony, and I had a great time operating the station, completing over 50 QSOs all over the Northeast.

Anita, AB1QB, operating on 6 meters from the summit of Mt. Washington
Anita, AB1QB, operating on 6 meters from the summit of Mt. Washington

Several other members joined us at the summit, including Al, KC1FOZ and Tom, KC1GGP.

Al, KC1FOZ and Tom, KC1GGP operating from the summit
Al, KC1FOZ and Tom, KC1GGP operating from the summit

After the Activation

Thanks to Tony, KC1DXL, and his XYL Josephine, who hosted us for a delicious dinner at their nearby condo after the activation.

Thanks to Jamey, KC1ENX, for planning a great day for club members!  This was our 3rd SOTA/POTA activation this year and each one has been better than the previous one!  We’re looking forward to the next summit!

Here are more pictures from Mount Washington:

Mt. Washington Summit ViewMt. Washington Summit View 2Mt. Washington Summit View 3Mt. Washington Summit View 4Mt. Washington Summit View 5Mt. Washington Summit View 66m Station6m Station 26m Station 3Solar PowerSolar Power 2Operating on Mt WashingtonOperating on Mt Washington 2Mt Washington SummitNashua Area Radio Club Members on Mt. WashingtonNashua Area Radio Club Members on Mt. Washington 2Cog RailwayCog Railway 2Cog Railway 3Auto Road  Views 4Auto Road  Views 3Auto Road  Views 2Auto Road ViewsAuto Road EntranceAntenna on the MountainAntenna on the Mountain 2Antenna on the Mountain 3AB1QB OperatingAB1OC Operating

The Thirteen Colonies Special Event Soapbox

The Nashua Area Radio Club is a huge supporter of the Thirteen Colonies Special Event and we strive to represent New Hampshire in this event. It is not a contest but rather an operating event which has become hugely popular over the last Nine years. Attached is some interesting commentary about the event. You can see our results for the 2017 Thirteen Colonies Special event here. Layne AE1N

Excerpts from qrz.com…

AE1N: If want to visit a true sampling of the TOP operators from the 13 Colonies, then listen to them on the air! They participate via invitation only!

KJ4YQK: Did a little research, I guess Special Event station is not consider a contest. Learn something new.

N8SAN: 40m I heard K2K 30min ago like he was next door. But I already had that state.
I could hear K2G ok.5/3 maybe, but had that state as well. I have a Mosley tri bander, BUT it’s a really low 18-20′ temporary mount, but I figured I SHOULD be able to hear them. When I’ve heard stations I’m able to make the qso quickly. Good thing this event goes on for another 6 days! This will be my first Special Event Certificate and I really want it! 🙂

WA6MHZ: I was most pleased with CW, got thru on the 1st call on all those! The Certs come out REMAKABLY fast!!! I was Astonished last year how fast mine came in. The day it came in I went over to Office Depot and bought a beautiful Wood Frame for it. Will do the same this year

K5AGE: Still wish I had my 100w rig. I got the clean sweep last year! Only ham award I am proud enough to display in the office.

K2DFC: The 13 Colony stations need to spend some time on 75/80 meters when the skip is short. Even 40 during the day is to long to work the close in states. When this started on Sat. I couldn’t hear a peep out of Del, MD, CT,MA, or RI on 40. Had to get them on 75.

K2HAT: Got my Clean Sweep, Thank You to all who get on the air for this Special Event.

Pat I agree, Awesome, I was able to use an adif file to populate the information!!

AA0CW: I sent off QSL cards and sase to every station I worked because I thought it would be neat to have their QSL cards along with the certificate. Well except for K2L. What’s up with that?

K1FBI: Right up there with Apple Pie and Chevrolet. Next year remember there are people in New England, even some in your own State trying to make a contact. Also, if you are going to call region numbers at 10 minute intervals per number, be kind enough to say this is your last go around. Sitting there waiting for you to go from 4s to 0s and then say goodnight not good for us 1s.

WA5NTF: Had a great time working the 13 Colonies stations. Band conditions weren’t the best, but stayed with it until I got all 13 stations and worked a few a second time near the end to thank them for their efforts. As I said all the 13 colony stations came in fine, so just wonder why I couldn’t hear WM3PEN. I guess the band gods were not favoring Pa to Tx when I was listening! LOL. Thanks again to all ops that were manning the special event stations and looking forward to next year. 73

KQ4MM: Same here, first time doing this event as well. Been gone a long time (25 years) and getting back on now and this was the first event I worked since back. It was a blast. And special thanks to Paul – NN4F/K2L Manager. So sorry that some folks were rude, People need to remember that this is a volunteer effort by these people and that the work load is incredible after the event is over. Big thanks Paul and the other clubs and folks for taking the time to make this event so successful. Cheers

We are already planning and looking forward to next year’s event!

Sights From Field Day 2017

Field Day 2017 is but a memory for us now. Dave, K1DLM, our Field Day Chairman, and the entire Field Day team did a great job with putting together our Field Day operation this year.

We are still adding up our score and collecting pictures and video from everyone. I wanted to get something out quickly so that we could begin to enjoy some of the memories. So here is my quick Sights from Field Day 2017….

Field Day 2017 Telegraph Article
Our Field Day Telegraph Article

We did a fantastic job on publicity this year…

Field Day 2017 - Parking Lot Was Full
The Parking Lot Was Full

and the parking lot was full of visitors and members on Saturday and Sunday.

Field Day 2017 Public Info Tent Was A Hit
Our Public Info Tent Is A Hit

Our updated Public Information Tent was a hot spot for our many visitors (over 45 visitors signed our guest register)!

Field day 2017 Visitors - ARRL Section Leaders - Peter, K1PJS And John, K1UAF
ARRL Section Leaders – Peter, K1PJS And John, K1UAF

The ARRL “brass” came out early to congratulate Dave, K1DLM our Field Day Chairman, and to tour our site.

Field day 2017 Food Was Awesome!
The Food Was Awesome!

The food was unbelievably good – thanks, Valerie!!! And the N1FD cafe’ was a hot-spot as usual.

Field Day 2017 Site Setup On The Upper Field
Site Setup On The Upper Field

Site setup at Hollis-Brookline High School began with the 40M V-Beam.

Field Day 2017 Site Setup On The Upper Field - The 60 Ft Tower Coming Together
Site Setup On The Upper Field – The 60 Ft Tower Coming Together

The tower team began on the lower field by setting up the new 60 ft. tower.

Field Day 2017 - The V-Beam Was Back
The V-Beam Was Back

The 40M V-beam was awesome as ever and went up in record time…

Field Day 2017 - A New 60 Ft Tower
New 60 Ft Tower

and our new 60 ft. tower was a sight to behold!

Field Day 2017 - 40M SSB Station
40M SSB Station

We built lots of stations – 3 SSB, 3 CW, a GOTA station, a 6M Station with a new yagi, and a computer controller Satellite Station. We also setup a 2M/70cm Go Kit for talk-in and APRS demos. All totaled, we had 10 transmitters on the air! Our exchange was 7A NH.

Field Day 2017 Solar Power Setup
Solar Power Setup

We got our Solar-Battery bonus late on Saturday.

Field Day 2017 - Brian, AB1ZO Operating SSB
Brian, AB1ZO Operating SSB

Everyone operated very hard and we made more contacts than last year!

Field Day 2017 CW Ops - Dennis, K1LGQ
CW Ops – Dennis, K1LGQ

Our CW operators were amazing again this year. Here’s Dennis banging out CW QSOs. Dave, KM3T even operated SO2R for a period – calling “CQ” and working contacts on both 20M and 40M CW at the same time! Gene, W3UA brought his CW skimmer and we set up an OCF dipole to provide on-site CW spots.

Field Day 2017 - And The Generators Played On...
And The Generators Played On…

And the new generators worked flawlessly and were much easier to service.

Field Day 2017 - Curtis, N1CMD Making Satellite Fun!
Curtis, N1CMD Making Satellite Fun!

Curtis, N1CMD ran our Satellite Station 2.0 and wowed everyone while making satellite contacts….

Field Day 2017 Satellite Station 20 In Action
Satellite Station 20 In Action

and our visitors got a kick out of seeing the computer controlled satellite antennas.

Team Finchum In Action
Team Finchum In Action

Team Finchum was in high gear as always – here’s Abby, AB1BY operating with her brother Connor, KC1GGX. It seemed like Abby was on every SSB station that I looked at all weekend long…

New Digital Station For Field Day 2017
New Digital Station For 2017

Our new SDR powered Digital Station worked well and we had lots of digital contacts using the antennas on the new 60 ft. tower.

Field Day 2017 SDR GOTA Was Cool!
The SDR GOTA Was Cool!

The SDR-based GOTA station worked out super well. Ira, KC1EMJ was our GOTA coach and was busy on Saturday and Sunday introducing our guests and newly licensed members to “high-tech” Amateur Radio. We had many young people try Amateur Radio for the very first time on our GOTA station.

Field Day 2017 Remote SDR System
Remote SDR System

We operated the two SDRs for the Digital and GOTA station remotely over a coax cable data link between the upper and lower fields. Pierce, K1FOP and Dave, K1DLM put together this high-tech setup and the underpinning data networking system.

Field Day 2017 - John, W1SMN and Desmond, WK1V Operating SSB
John, W1SMN, and Desmond, WK1V Operating SSB

Did I mention that we operated hard making lots of QSOs?…

Field Day 2017 Drone Sighting
Drone Sighting

There were Drone sighting all weekend long…

and Desmond, WK1V got some amazing video from the air.

It was a lot of fun operating as N1FD, 7A NH!

Anita, AB1QB, our scoring chairman is still working on tallying up our score but it will be higher than last year.

Please take a minute and send me any photos or video that you have from Field Day 2017. We’ll be producing a video of all of the fun for the Field Day 2017 Recap at our club meeting on July 11th. Don’t miss it!

Fred, AB1OC

Hashtags: #ARRLFD #N1FD

SOTA/POTA and 6 Meters

I got really excited, when Jamey, KC1ENX set our Club’s first Summits On The Air (SOTA)/Parks On The Air (POTA) activation for the same day as the June VHF Contest! Jamey choose Pack Monadnock in Miller State Park here in New Hampshire as the site for our activation. With Jamey’s help, we put together a portable 6M SOTA station in preparation for the activation.

Portable 6M SOTA Station Equipment


6m SOTA Station Solar Panels
Solar Panels

The idea was to use an IC-7300 to create a 100W station and use a Solar/Battery combination to power the setup. Solar/Battery made us “legal” as a SOTA activation. We combined two 90W solar panels which I had with an MPPT solar charging system and two LiPo batteries to create the power system for the activation.

6m SOTA Station Antenna Going Up
6M Antenna Going Up

The antenna system for our 6M SOTA Station was built around an M2 Antenna Systems 6M3 Yagi and an 18 ft. push up mast from Max-gain systems.

Portable 6M SOTA Station Antenna
Portable 6M Antenna

All of this gear was carried to the site and setup in about an hour. A 25 ft. section of LMR-400UF coax completed the station. The mast was guyed with rings which allowed us to turn the mast/antenna combination to point the Yagi in any direction.

6M SOTA Activation


6M SOTAT Station - Anita, AB1QB and Curtis, N1CMD Operating in the June VHF Contest
Anita, AB1QB, and Curtis, N1CMD Operating in the June VHF Contest

Between the SOTA/POTA activation and the June VHF contest, we made a little over 130 contacts on 6m. We did not have any real Es openings so most of our contacts were regional. Having the elevation provided by being on Pack Monadnock made us quite loud for the stations that could hear us. Several of our club members got on 6M and joined the fun. We did have a brief Es opening and managed to work a station in Alabama and one in Florida.

6M SOTA Station - Mike, AB1YK Portable 6M
Mike, AB1YK Portable 6M

Mike, AB1YK has a much more portable 6M setup and used lower power to have some fun on 6M as well.

Al, KC1FOZ and Tom, KC1GGP Operating VHF-UHF Portable
Al, KC1FOZ and Tom, KC1GGP Operating Portable

Al, KC1FOZ and Tom, KC1GGP put together a nice station and operated using battery power. Several other club members came out with a portable station or to watch and have fun as well.

Our first SOTA/POTA activation was a lot of fun and Anita and I are looking forward to the next one!

Fred, AB1OC