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Welcome to the New Executive Committee Members

As we just held our annual officer elections, I’d like to thank the departing officers for their service to the club.  Departing the Executive committee are:

  • Vice President, Dave Michaels, N1RF
  • Treasurer, Wayne Wagner, AG1A
  • Programs, Brian Smigielski, AB1ZO

Our Executive Committee members have worked hard to move the Nashua Area Radio Society forward this past year. Some of our major progress in 2017 includes:

2018 Executive Committee Members

I’d like to congratulate and welcome our new and returning Officers and Directors to the Executive Committee.  Our 2018 Officers and Directors are:

  • President, Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC
  • Vice President, Dave Merchant, K1DLM
  • Secretary, Brian McCaffrey, W1BP
  • Treasurer, Hamilton Stewart, K1HMS
  • Membership, Jamey Finchum, KC1ENX
  • Programs, Scott Andersen, NE1RD
  • Activities, Anita Kemmerer, AB1QB

I am looking forward to working with the New Executive Committee a toward a successful 2018.

Nashua Area Radio Society Adopts an Updated Constitution and By-Laws

We adopted an updated Constitution and By-Laws at our recent October membership meeting.

Our October Membership Meeting
Our October Membership Meeting

The vote was unanimous in favor of adoption. You can see a short presentation explaining our new Constitution and By-Laws here.

Our new Constitution and By-Laws provide the governance and oversight mechanisms required for our organization to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit. It also streamlines our operations and governance model as we move forward.

Our Charter and Mission
Our Charter and Mission

We have updated our charter to codify our mission to provide educational opportunities and emergency communications through Amateur Radio. We also changed our name to the Nashua Area Radio Society. As you will probably conclude, we are already doing the things that are included in our updated charter.

Our Operations and Governance Model
Our Operations and Governance Model

We also adopted a streamlined model for the operation, governance, and oversight aspects of running our organization. Our new model is shown above.

Other Elements of Our Updated Constitution and By-Laws
Other Elements of Our Updated Constitution and By-Laws

Our members will elect a seven-member Executive Committee as before. The Executive Committee is responsible for all aspects of operating our organization. We have changed the term of the members of the Executive Committee to two years and they are now elected on a staggered basis. We expect these steps to improve the continuity of our organization’s leadership. As you can see from the above, we also adopted several other elements to support our on-going operations and governance.

Discussion and Ratification Steps
Discussion and Ratification Steps

Our immediate next steps include updating our online presence to reflect our new name, updated filings with the State of New Hampshire, and the creation of the Policy and Procedure documents required by our updated By-Laws.

A group of our members has been working on our updated Constitution and By-Laws for several months now. We’d like to thank the team of members who contributed to this process. They include:

We are looking forward to being part of the next chapter in the Nashua Area Radio Society’s rich history of service to the Amateur Radio Service, Our Community, and Our Members.

Fred, AB1OC

Executive Committee Meeting

The Nashua Area Radio Society Executive Committee meets monthly. Our  Executive Committee Meetings are open to all members. *** Our meetings are held in the lower-level conference room at the Nashua Public Library ***.