International Space Station Could be Active for ARRL Field Day

The folks who are operating our satellite station during Field Day this weekend will want to be sure to monitor for possible crew activity from the ISS. The following is a summary of the ISS passes at our Field Day site:

Rise: 2018/06/2313:01:30305.20.0
Max: 2018/06/2313:06:4017.824.6
Set: 2018/06/2313:11:4789.20.0
Rise: 2018/06/2314:37:59302.20.0
Max: 2018/06/2314:43:25210.275.3
Set: 2018/06/2314:48:45129.00.0
Rise: 2018/06/2316:15:10282.30.0
Max: 2018/06/2316:19:19231.59.1
Set: 2018/06/2316:23:25180.7 0.0
Rise: 2018/06/2407:18:28202.10.0
Max: 2018/06/2407:23:25134.121.3
Set: 2018/06/2407:28:2566.90.0
Rise: 2018/06/2408:54:20248.10.1
Max: 2018/06/2408:59:41332.451.3
Set: 2018/06/2409:05:0554.90.0
Rise: 2018/06/2410:31:43283.50.0
Max: 2018/06/2410:36:42351.019.2
Set: 2018/06/2410:41:4258.10.0
Rise: 2018/06/2412:09:01303.10.1
Max: 2018/06/2412:14:0311.720.1
Set: 2018/06/2412:19:0379.40.0
Rise: 2018/06/2413:45:36304.70.0
Max: 2018/06/2413:51:0131.661.0
Set: 2018/06/2413:56:22116.10.0

Help with Water, Cookies, and Overnight Snacks

My XYL Valerie has volunteered to organize all the meals for field day this year.  Since we starting the setup process early, there are more meals to accommodate than usual but we’ve maintained the same meal plan price as previous years.  As a result, we’re behind on funds and we could use some help with cookies and overnight snacks for operators.  We also could use some more bottled water.  If you’re able to assist, please let me know.  [email protected] is my email.  Thanks & look forward to seeing everyone at the event!

Countdown to Field Day 2018

The Nashua Area Radio Society will again be participating in the ARRL Field Day event this weekend. We have a long history of participation in Field Day and you can read more about some of our previous Field Day operations here.

Team Operating at Field Day
Team Operating at Field Day

Field Day is about training and emergency preparedness, learning about new communications technology, and having fun!

Field Day Digital Station
Field Day Digital Station

We will be a 10A station this year with three towers and several high-performance wire antennas. You can read more about our Field Day 2018 plans here.

Field Day 2017 - New Remote Tower
60 ft Tower at Fiel Day

Our Field Day will be held at the Hudson Memorial School in Hudson, NH an will also feature an Amateur Radio Open House activity the students and parents that were part of our High Altitude Balloon Project 3. We will be supporting an ISS Crew Contact at Hudson Memorial School in November and we will have the primary ground station on-site at Field Day for satellite operations and testing. We are counting down to the beginning of our Field Day Operations –

Field Day operations have begun! Come out to the Hudson Memorial School and join us!


NARS members can still sign-up to operate or to be part of the setup teams at Field Day. Just log in to our website and follow the link to our online signup.

All Amateurs and the general public are welcome to visit our Field Day operation on Saturday or Sunday, June 23rd or 24th.  Click on the white space below to see a map of our Field Day location. See you at Field Day!


MARS The Portable Stroller Station

My daughter’s first portable outing with her early 10th birthday gift and we devised a challenge: Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover, Alabama. This is a unique place to operate from. You cannot run a wire. You can’t molest the trees or bushes. You can’t put a stake into the ground. You have to tread lightly.

So, we took out MARS – the Mobile Amateur Radio Station. MARS is built from a jogging stroller for twins. The advantages of a jogging stroller are 10-inch inflatable tires capable of all-terrain baby strolling. In our case, the babies were a Yaesu FT-897D and a 35ah Chrome SLA AGM battery.

A shelf was made out of 3/4 inch plywood for the FT-897D. The front was affixed using copper straps around the front bar of the stroller. The back of the shelf was cut to length but allowed to free float. When the stroller is at full size, it is supported by the back of the stroller. When you fold up the stroller, however, the back of the shelf drops into the seat and allows the stroller to fold around the radio. The battery is buckled into the back seat like a child.

The antenna is a Wolf River coil TIA (Take it Along) package. The tripod is able to be buckled in between the seats after you unfold the stroller. The cable is 25 ft of LMR 400. Nice and stiff, rolls up and attaches to thehandlebarr on the back of the stroller.

The wires go back and forth between the seats. We also carry a TV tray like little table for the laptop (which rests on the floorboard of the bottom seat during transport) and two mesh chairs. We also have enough carry room for lunch!

Less than 5 minutes from car to portable…. less than 10 minutes setup time. Break down is about 10 minutes and, when we are gone, the site we used is pristine and looks untouched.

Lots of pictures of daughter operating from MARS and its design



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