Learning Morse Code (CW)

Learning Morse Code - Keys and Paddles
Learning Morse Code – Keys and Paddles

Learning Morse Code or CW as Amateur Radio Operators call it is fun and a great way to make some really interesting contacts. CW is the first digital mode and is the only digital mode that you can decode with just your ears.

Why Learning Morse Code Is Important


Learning Morse Code - DX QSL from CW Contact
DX QSL from CW Contact

Morse Code and CW mode enable DX contacts over much greater distances at lower power levels than SSB and other voice modes. You can even make DX contacts using only 5W QRP power!

CW Activity During a Contest

Morse Code is also used in many contests and DXpeditions. Working CW contests can provide many contacts to help you earn your DXCC, Islands On The Air (IOTA), Worked All States and other operating awards. CW is also an important part of our annual Field Day activity.

Learning Morse Code


Learning Morse Code - Morse Code Class
Morse Code Class Instructor Team

We are currently offering Morse Code Classes. Mike, K1WVO, Dennis, K1LGQ and Layne, AE1N, are our instructors for our class sessions which are held on Saturday mornings at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Nashua, NH.  These classes include practice sessions, CW operating Tips, and opportunities to work with many types of keys and other equipment.

Learning Morse Code - G4FON Morse Code Trainer
G4FON Morse Code Trainer

Our Morse Code classes include using a practice CD by Chuck Adams, K7QO for home study to learn the Morse Code alphabet. We also use a computer program from G4FON to generate practice CW letter sequences, words, and sentences.

To learn more about our Morse Code class, please contact Mike via email.

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