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Our Ham Radio Video and Photo Collections

We have been building quite a collection of Ham Radio video and photos over the past few years. We have pictures and video from Field Days, Contests and Activations, Club Meetings, Tech Nights, Youth Events, Picnics, Classes, and other Member Activities.

We’ve decided to collect all of this great content in one place here on our website so that our members can enjoy it. You can view it via the following links:

Take a trip down our Club’s Memory Lane or catch up on some topics from one of our many Tech Night sessions. There is lots of material here to use for fun and learning.

Most (but not all) of this content is in members-only sections of the pages so be sure to log in to our website to view all of the media that we have collected.

Thanks to all of our members for making so many great memories! We are looking forward to much more to come…

Fred, AB1OC

Nashua Area Radio Club – 2016 Highlights

Our club has had quite a year in 2016. We initiated many new activities and our members learned some new skills. Most importantly, we contributed a great deal to the Amateur Radio Service through license classes and other educational and outreach activities. We have plenty of material to include in our 2016 Highlights video which follows.

Highlights From Nashua Area Radio Club’s 2016 Activities

We made a video as a sort of memory book about our club’s activities and accomplishments in 2016. We hope that you enjoy it!

Fred, AB1OC

Thanksgiving Weekend NPOTA Fun

With only 1 month to go in the ARRL NPOTA event and some free time this Thanksgiving weekend, Fred and I decided to hit the road to activate some new parks.    We activated two nearby parks, each less than 1 hour away from our home,  Lamprey Wild and Scenic River,  WR23, near Epping, NH, and Minuteman National Historical Park, HP27, near Concord, MA.    There were close to 900K QSOs made overall in the NPOTA program as of Thanksgiving day and we also wanted to help the cause to get to 1Million NPOTA QSOs by year’s end.

Map of Lamprey Wild and Scenic River NPOTA
Map of Lamprey Wild and Scenic River

On Saturday, we drove to Epping, NH, where we activated Lamprey Wild and Scenic River.   It was a rainy day, but we still enjoyed the scenic drive along the river.  We drove along the river until we found a place by the river to park and operate.  The bands were not great, with a K-index of 4 and a high A-index.  Despite the conditions, our activation was a success.  We operated on both 20m and 40m SSB and made a total of 307 QSOs over 3 hours.

Minute Man National Historical Park NPOTA
View of Countryside in Minute Man National Historical Park

I work in Burlington, MA and often travel between Burlington and Waltham, MA for meetings.  Each time I passed by Lexington on I-95 I saw the sign for Minute Man NHP and thought it would be fun to do an NPOTA activation from there.  We activated the park on Saturday. We entered the park from the Concord, MA end and were pleasantly surprised to see some nice countryside in the middle of a suburban area of Massachusetts, not far from Boston.

AB1QB logging for AB1OC/M during the NPOTA activation
AB1QB logging for AB1OC/M during the NPOTA activation.

We operated from a parking lot in the park from mid-afternoon until dark.  The bands were a little better on Saturday and we were able to get 239 contacts into the log, mostly the US but also worked stations from Spain, Jamaica, Aruba and Puerto Rico.

We have enjoyed activating 8 National parks so far in the NPOTA event.  We are planning another activation between Christmas and New Years of multiple parks before the end of the event on December 31.

Anita, AB1QB

NPOTA Fun – Activating a New Park

Ever since we built our Mobile HF Station, we’ve talked about taking it to Acadia National Park in Maine and operating from the top of Cadillac Mountain.  The 2016 ARRL NPOTA event gave us the motivation to plan the trip for the week before Labor Day.    The week before our trip, we saw an article in the ARRL Letter encouraging operation from the newly declared National Monument, Katahdin Woods and Waters in Maine, which had just be designated as NPOTA MN84.  Visiting the NPS website, we learned that the park is only a 2 1/2 hour drive from Bar Harbor, where we are staying.  We decided to accept the challenge to be the first to activate the new park.

F150 Mobile Station at the entrance to Katadhin Woods and Wildlife National Monument NPOTA
Our F150 Mobile Station at the entrance to Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument

Tuesday, August 30 was our first full day of vacation, we left our hotel room and parked by the Acadia visitor center and called “CQ National Parks”.   We ended up with 76 contacts in the log from NP01.

After that we got on the road and headed toward Katahdin Woods and Waters, activating counties along the way including the county line between Penobscot and Aroostook Counties.

NPS Map of the NPOTA
NPS Map of the Park

As a newly designated National Monument, Katahdin Woods and Waters does not yet have a visitors center or any signs showing you when you enter and exit the park.  We just had the map (above) to determine where the park boundaries were.    All of the roads in black on the map are gravel roads that are also used for logging trucks.

Entrance to Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument NPOTA
Entrance to Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument

We entered the park from Swift Brook Road off Rt 11 in the lower right corner of the map.  We drove through the lower section by the entrance and then headed north along the Eastern Branch of the Penobscot River and operated near the Loos camping area.   The sign above confirmed that we were within the park boundaries.

Scenic View of Katahdin Woods and Waters NM NPOTA
Scenic View of Katahdin Woods and Waters NM

The scenery along the river was beautiful with views of the mountains in the distance.

Operating at NPOTA MN84
Operating at MN84

We started operating on 20m and the pileups were huge!  Everyone was excited to get this new NPOTA into the log.  Fred, AB1OC/M ended up going split on 20m due to the size of the pile-ups.  After a while, he moved to 40m to give the close in folks a chance at MN84.  We went back and further between 20m and 40m until the pile-ups thinned out.   We also made 18 QSOs with the club callsign N1FD to also give the club credit for the activation.  We really enjoyed activating the park and the people we talked to were great!  We made a total of 350 QSOs from MN84.

Katahdin Woods and Waters NPOTA - National Park Yes!
Friendly Sign at Katahdin Woods & Waters

We also plan to activate Acadia National Park NP01 again from Cadillac Mountain this week. We will also activate Saint Croix Island, HS01 and Roosevelt Campobello International Park, AA21 in Canada (as AB1OC/VE9 and AB1QB/VE9).

Activating MN84 for the first time was truly a memorable experience.  We enjoyed it so much we will be back on Saturday to give more NPOTA chasers a chance at MN84!  Hope to talk to you on the air!

Anita, AB1QB