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New Pinterest Ham Radio Feed Page

Our Club’s website has many nice pictures taken during our many activities and from our member’s projects and articles. We have added a new social media presence on Pinterest to feature some of our clubs many activities and projects. Our club’s Pinterest Ham Radio Feed is included along with others on a new social media page on our website.

Our New Pinterest Ham Radio Feed Page
Our New Pinterest Ham Radio Feed Page

Pinterest is designed to collect related images together by pinning them to Boards. A Pinterest user can create one or more Boards and Pin related images to them. These work much the same way as you’d pin up favorite photos on a bulletin board. Pinned pictures are linked to the web pages or articles that they came from so it’s easy to find related photos and information via Pinterest. Also, there are several browser extensions to make pinning images to your Pinterest Boards easy to do as you browse the web.

Visiting Our Pinterest Ham Radio Feed Page

We’ve created a Pinterest Board for our club’s activities and projects and it is included along with other Amateur Related Boards and Pin collections on a new page here on

Pinterest Ham Radio Feed Menu Location
Pinterest Ham Radio Feed Menu Location

Our new Pinterest Feeds Page can be reached from the menu on our website. It is in the same area as our other Social Media Feeds. Take a minute and check out the new page. Also, come back and visit it regularly as we will be adding new pins to it frequently.

If you have favorite Amateur Radio related Pinterest Boards or Pin Collections, please let us know via an email to [email protected].

Fred, AB1OC

The Joy of the QSO by Mike AD5A

In the September issue of Amateur, Mike, AD5A, shares his thoughts about his QSO Joys … Layne AE1N

The Joy of the QSO by Mike AD5A

18 September 2017

Since my retirement, I suppose I’ve had a little more time to think, philosophize if you will, about the important things in life. As my work career fades into the past, I’ve quickly come to realize that events and issues from my work-life, at the end of the day, weren’t that important at all. The things that I stressed and fretted over where simply mirages of importance that faded away as time passed.

So, I’ve asked myself, what is it about Ham Radio that’s so important? Many of us spend a lot of time in the hobby, so where is the meaning, where is the value added to our lives? Many of us chase awards, join clubs, go on expeditions and have many significant achievements in our ham careers that bring a certain level of satisfaction. However, what we soon learn is that it’s the chase, not the finish that’s exciting. I’ve enjoyed very much chasing DXCC Honor Roll, WAE-TOP, IOTA, SOTA and competing in a variety of contests. However, once the objective is achieved, the excitement of working toward the goal is gone and the sense of accomplishment is not quite as satisfying as the thrill of the chase.

So in my thinking about what’s lasting and important about ham radio, at least to me, starts from a simple QSO. QSO’s bring joy in many ways, i.e., marking a needed entity of the list, working a new club member, getting that rare country that you never thought possible, whether QRP or QRO or perhaps a special contact on Top Band or the Magic Band. It’s QSO’s that bring joy. However, many of these QSO’s are the 599, TU type of QSO and are more focused on accomplishment or earning some award than the relationship side of ham radio.

As I’ve progressed or maybe matured or perhaps just gotten more sentimental, I get a lot of lasting joy from a simple rag-chew. Does a rag-chew bring my recognition, no? Will it qualify me for any awards, maybe, but probably not But what it does do is allow me to meet real people with similar interests as me. Since I retired I find that I have more and more rag-chews with the most interesting people. And I am starting to come across guys multiple times and we pick up where we left off from the previous QSO. It’s wonderful. I don’t have to worry if I’ve already worked them on the band I’m on, they are glad, at least I think they are, to take my call and have a chat, I don’t have to worry about getting a “worked B4” response.

I’ve found there’s lots of unexpected pleasure in the simple things. A simple QSO gives me lots of satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong, you may well hear my call in a DX pileup or calling CQ in a contest, but I’ve learned to stop and smell the roses and the roses of ham radio, to me, are the relationships you can build and develop through conversational ham radio.

My mode of choice is CW, but I don’t suppose it really matters what mode you use. Just get on the air and have a real chat, you might find it brings a little more meaning to the hobby.

Mike Crownover, AD5A, is a regular contributor to and writes from Texas, USA. Contact him at [email protected].


Icom IC-7300 Display Using N1MM Logger Plus

Icom IC-7300 Display with N1MM Logger Plus: As I get ready to write this I have my N1MM Logger Plus already setup to use in the VOLTA RTTY Contest this weekend.

Source: Icom 7300 N1MM Logger Plus Setup – K0PIR Icom 7300 SDR

Looks like its possible to use N1MM to provide a larger view of the Icom IC-7300 display. It would be great if there were also a standalone application that would do this.

The following video provides a demonstration along with some information on how to set up the radio and the N1MM+ software/


Here’s some more detailed information showing how to set up N1MM+ and the IC-7300 to provide the enhanced panadapter display.

The New IC-7610 Direct-Sampling SDR HF/6m Transceiver

Icom IC-7610 Display Screen
Icom IC-7610 Display Screen

Source: The new IC-7610 Direct-Sampling SDR HF/6m Transceiver

The new IC-7610 Transceiver is the much-anticipated dual-receive version which uses Icom’s SDR platform that was first available in the IC-7300. The source page has some useful photos and a block diagram of the receiver.

The addition of Icon’s Digitial Preselector functionality is a welcome enhancement over the IC-7300. The Digi-Selector should be useful in multi-radio and other high-interference environments.

Icom IC-7610 External Display
Icom IC-7610 External Display

The new radio will also have a connection to an external display. This is a great addition as it makes the excellent panadapter capability in Icom’s SDR platform much easier to view and use.

Icom IC-7160 Rear Panel
Icom IC-7160 Rear Panel

The rear panel includes connectors for two antennas. There are BNC jacks for connection of a separate receive antenna and/or a Transverter.  Also included is an Ethernet interface for remote control and USB interfaces for connection to a local computer.

You can see more about this new Transceiver on Icom’s page.