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Articles related to CW and QRP (low-power) operating and equipment. Articles related to learning and using Morse Code are also included here.

Mastering Morse Code Hearing

As the beginner gets more proficient at copying Morse Code, a point is reached wherein you can only push a pencil so fast, say 15-18 WPM. The brain automatically learns to recognize characters a whole words and you no longer need to write it down.

However increasing brain copying ability reaches a point where cleanly sent intercepted signals at a sufficient speed to increase your brain-copying ability are hard to find. Plus you have to contend with QRM, fading and receiver noise.

The best tool to send you pure cw at different speeds and word lengths has arrived! Check out Morse Camp.

You can easily set the speed, tone frequency, and word lengths. It starts set for 30 WPM which is comfortable for me.

Have Fun and 73 LAYNE AE1N

PaddleStick CW Keyer with Base Kit Build

The January 9, 2018 Tech Night meeting will feature Steve Elliott, K1EL, the owner of and the designers of the many amazing kits Hamcrafters offers. Steve will discuss aspects of kit design and building, including the PaddleStick CW Keyer that will be built during our February 13 Tech Night.
You can order your kit online, or buy one directly from Mr. Elliott after his presentation. (Mr. Elliott will bring a limited number of kits for purchase.) The PS2B kit is $59 (cash). We will be looking for a rough count of those interested in purchasing this kit during the regular members meeting on January 2.

Don’t miss out on the fun. This is a great little kit, and you’ll have a great tool to practice CW, or to get on the air. Shoo away those wintertime blues by heating up a little solder with friends. See you there!

N1FD Wins 2017 ARRL Rookie Roundup CW Multi-Op Area 1 Category!

The results are in..  The N1FD Multi-Op team of Jamey, KC1ENX, Abby, AB1BY and Mike, AB1YK has won the multi-op Area 1 category in the ARRL Rookie Roundup CW.

2017 ARRL Rookie Roundup CW Results
2017 ARRL Rookie Roundup CW Results

Detailed Score

The team’s CW skills are improving and score was almost double the score from last year!

N1FD Score Details for ARRL Rookie Roundup CW
N1FD Score Details for ARRL Rookie Roundup CW


ARRL Rookie Roundup CW – Call for Operators

The next ARRL Rookie Roundup will be on Sunday December 17th and the mode is CW.    AB1OC and AB1QB will be hosting a multi-op entry from our QTH

Join Us for the Rookie Roundup

All Club Members who quality as rookies are invited.  For this contest, a Rookie is any Amateur Radio Operator who has received their first license in 2015, 2016 or 2017 or a has never made a QSO using the CW mode.

This is a great opportunity for qualifying members including  graduates of our recent CW classes to get on the air.   The rookie operators in the contest are also new to CW and the rates are slow.  The non-rookies in the contest all operate at slow speeds to help elmer the rookies.

2016 ARRL Rookie Roundup CW Certificate
2016 ARRL Rookie Roundup CW Certificate


Help us to maintain our streak of #1 entries in the Rookie Roundup Contests!  If interested, contact Anita, AB1QB at [email protected] or at the December Club Meeting or Tech Night.  See the calendar for logistical information.

Calling all Elmers!

Don’t quality as a Rookie?  You can still participate in the Rookie Roundup as an Elmer.  Get on the air from your QTH between 1:00pm and 7:00pm on Sunday December 17th and make contacts with the Rookies.  You will be helping all of the CW rookies in the contest!