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Nashua ARC Youth Outreach Event!

Hi fellow  members,

Nashua ARC will be hosting its first Youth Outreach event on Saturday, October 1 from 8am-2pm at Mine Falls Park in Nashua, NH. Mine Falls Park is located on Whipple St.

Mine Falls Park hosts many youth soccer games every Saturday throughout the Fall. We are hoping to take full advantage of that fact in order to provide kids a bit of insight into what comprises amateur radio.

Some of the activities that we will likely host are:

  • Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) Station
  • Fox hunts
  • Use some HT’s and get on the Nashua repeaters

This we hope is to generate enough interest so that we can plan a follow-on activity a bit later.

Now comes the part where AB1ZO looks at you warmly, scratches his cheek, and asks you for a favor. It might go down something like this:

A friendly, casual conversation between me and you
A friendly, casual conversation between me and you

And that favor is that we really do need your help to come out to the Park:

  • Help us set up beginning around 8 am
    • (Setup is pretty important to have able bodies around for. We’ll shoot to get on the air as quickly as possible after. Perhaps by 9 am)
  • Work the booth
  • (Most importantly) Interact with the kids.
  • Help breakdown around 2 pm

The more the merrier and the longer you’re able to give a bit of time, the better as well. Additionally, you are completely encouraged to bring family and friends, especially if they are < 18 years old. But in all honesty, I think it would be fantastic if we had a significant contingent of the club at the Park, to welcome our guests. But don’t do it for me, do it for the kids:

Do it for the kids...
Do it for the kids…

If you think you can give some time, please contact myself ([email protected]) or Jamey (KC1ENX)  to let us know what you would like to help with. Again, we really could use the volunteers in all the aforementioned areas. We’re hoping this is a facet of the club you will all embrace as it evolves.

Best and 73,

Brian, AB1ZO

Nashua ARC Pre-Thanksgiving Jamboree Youth Event!

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow, Saturday Nov 19 from 9am-5pm, we will be hosting an event for kids to explore and enjoy amateur radio at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock facility in Nashua. Though we will be there all day, you and your family members / friends / cool strangers you met off the street are welcome to drop in at anytime to have a look and play on the radio.

We will have a few station set-ups such as:

  1. The ubiquitous GOTA station
  2. Foxhunting (I think we’re going to have awesome weather for this)
  3. Design your own QSL card station (which will also help kids understand where their contact lives and how far away they were),
  4. Learn about Morse code station (where kids can play with paddles and learn the basics of the art)
  5. A snap circuits station where small projects can be done and tested to learn about the basics of electronics.

Your fine crew managing this endeavor (and forgive me if I’m missing people) are:

  1. Jamey (KC1ENX)
  2. Brian (AB1ZO)
  3. Fred (AB1OC)
  4. Anita (AB1QB)
  5. Tony (KC1DXL)
  6. Greg (W1TEN)
  7. Wayne (KB1HYL)
  8. Abby (KC1FFX) and Connor (KC1GGX)

We hope to see some of you out there! But if not, have a good Thanksgiving and see you at the next club meeting!

Join us for our Family Summer Picnic on August 19!

Our Family Summer Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, August 19th at Greeley Park in Nashua. All club members and their family members are invited.  This is the same day as the Greeley Park Art Show.

Summer Picnic Food
Pot Luck Lunch served at last year’s picnic

This will be a potluck lunch and members are encouraged to bring a dish. I have created a sign-up sheet. You can view it here.  Please edit this sheet to indicate whether you will attend, how many family members including yourself will attend, and what you will bring.

Rumor has it a fox may be on the loose in the park that day.

Summer Picnic Fox Hunt

We will start to gather around 10:00 am and lunch will be served at noon. Directions can be found on the club event calendar.

The rain date will be Saturday, August 26. If there is inclement weather in the forecast for August 19, stay tuned to our Forums for updates.

See you at our picnic!

Anita, AB1QB

N1FD Foxes Run Wild At Picnic…

You really don’t have to dress like this or bring a horse to have fun doing a Fox Hunt at our annual picnic this month. Well, maybe the horse would help…

Fox Hunt at 2016 Picnic
Fox Hunters at 2016 Picnic

There will be two different N1FD Foxes on the loose at our picnic this year for double the fun. Also, Fox Hunting is a great activity for everyone. Furthermore, you don’t need a license and we will have a radio available for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Fox Hunting - 2m Foxes
2m Foxes

We have put together a new Fox Hunting Kit which includes two Fox small Fox Transmitters for 2m. One is a 10-15 mW unit and the other outputs 1/2 W. They operate on different Frequencies (146.535 Mhz and 146.565 Mhz FM). They each can be configured with a number of antennas depending upon the range and environment for the Fox Hunt. Both Foxes will be on the loose at our picnic!

Bring your 2m HT and plan to spend some time tracking down the N1FD Foxes at our picnic. Also, Gene, W3UA, will be bringing some 80m HF Fox Hunting gear for folks to play with at our picnic.

You can find more information on the picnic here. Finally don’t forget to drop Anita an email at [email protected] to let her know if you plan on coming so that we can plan for the proper amount of food, etc.

See you at the picnic!