Member Spotlight AB1QB

Member Spotlight – Anita, AB1QB

 How did you become licensed?

My OM, Fred, AB1OC found out some time in 2010 that he could get a Ham Radio license without needing to pass a code test.  He took his test in December 2010 and got his Technician, General and Extra license in one exam session.  I have a background in Electrical Engineering so I picked up his books and thought it would not be hard to get my license as well.  In April 2011, I passed both my Tech and General exams and was licensed as a General.

QSL Card from FO/AB1OC and FO/AB1QB from Bora Bora

A few months later, Fred was invited to go on a trip to Bora Bora, French Polynesia.  I was studying about propagation for my Extra class and saw that this would be a great place to operate from as we were staying in bungalows out over the water.    I suggested that we take a radio along on the trip.  Before long we had a whole portable station with an IC-7000, Buddipoles, a Signalink for digital, antenna tuners, the whole works.  I was responsible for getting our operating licenses for French Polynesia.  I learned that in order to operate, we needed to both have Extra licenses.  That was my incentive to get my Extra, which I got in December 2011, just in time for our trip in February 2012.

Member Spotlight - AB1QB in 2014 JARTS RTTY Contest
AB1QB in 2014 JARTS RTTY Contest
What do you like to do most with Ham Radio?

My favorite Ham Radio activities are DXing and RTTY Contesting.   I have earned a DXCC Challenge and have confirmed 290  DX entities and I have earned certificates in the ARRL RTTY Roundup as #1 in New Hampshire, and the BARTG HF RTTY contest, where I placed in the top 5 in my category.  I have also earned the JARL Century Cities award for contacting 100 Cities in Japan.  I am just one contact short of my 5 Band WAS, looking for that last contact with Alaska on 80 meters.

My pursuit of new DX entities led me to create my current hobby project, the DX Alarm Clock, a Raspberry Pi based software program that I can customize to notify me when those needed entities are spotted on the air.

Member Spotlight - AB1QB logging for AB1OC/M during the NPOTA activation
AB1QB logging for AB1OC/M during the NPOTA activation.

I also like that Ham Radio involves such a diverse set of activities.  I have been a tower climbing ground crew,  helped to build (and rebuild) a SteppIR DB36 Yagi, was a driver and member of the Hollis site management team for WRTC 2014.  I have also operated as W1AW/1 during the ARRL Centennial and as K2K in the 13 Colonies Special Event. and operated from a mobile station in our F150 from several National Parks.

What is your background?

My educational background is in Electrical Engineering and most of my technical experience is in Software Development and Program Management.  I am currently a Program Manager at Verizon managing projects related to a cloud platform.

Nashua Area Radio Club License Training Class
Nashua Area Radio Club License Training Class
What do you like to do with the Club?

I am currently the Activities Chairperson for the club.  I have organized several contesting activities at our home QTH to help other club members to become involved with contesting.   These include the ARRL Rookie Roundups, including the latest one where the multi-op N1FD entry achieved the highest score in the contest.  We also hosted a multi-single entry for CQ WW SSB, where we helped the club get a DXCC in a weekend.  I am also an instructor for our Ham Radio license classes, where I teach digital modes and propagation.  I also use my project management skills to manage all of the logistics for the classes including the VE sessions.  It is a great feeling to be able to help people get their licenses.

Anita, AB1QB

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