Fox Hunting...

N1FD Foxes Run Wild At Picnic…

You really don’t have to dress like this or bring a horse to have fun doing a Fox Hunt at our annual picnic this month. Well, maybe the horse would help…

Fox Hunt at 2016 Picnic
Fox Hunters at 2016 Picnic

There will be two different N1FD Foxes on the loose at our picnic this year for double the fun. Also, Fox Hunting is a great activity for everyone. Furthermore, you don’t need a license and we will have a radio available for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Fox Hunting - 2m Foxes
2m Foxes

We have put together a new Fox Hunting Kit which includes two Fox small Fox Transmitters for 2m. One is a 10-15 mW unit and the other outputs 1/2 W. They operate on different Frequencies (146.535 Mhz and 146.565 Mhz FM). They each can be configured with a number of antennas depending upon the range and environment for the Fox Hunt. Both Foxes will be on the loose at our picnic!

Bring your 2m HT and plan to spend some time tracking down the N1FD Foxes at our picnic. Also, Gene, W3UA, will be bringing some 80m HF Fox Hunting gear for folks to play with at our picnic.

You can find more information on the picnic here. Finally don’t forget to drop Anita an email at [email protected] to let her know if you plan on coming so that we can plan for the proper amount of food, etc.

See you at the picnic!

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