Extra License Class

Our First Extra License Class

We held our first Extra License Class the weekend of May 13-15, 2016.   This was a 3-day class due to the larger amount of material that the Extra License Exam draws from.

We had 15 students and every student passed the Exam at the end and received their Amateur Extra class license upgrade!

Wayne Wagner Teaching the Extra License Class
Wayne Wagner Teaching the Extra License Class

Congratulations to all the new Extras!

  • Bob Bell, KC1FAE
  • Bernie Biron, K1BFB
  • Dale Chayes, KB1ZKD
  • John D’Errico, N1ERF
  • Bob Fiero, K1WKG
  • Jamey Finchum, KC1ENX
  • Greg Fuller, KC1FFQ
  • Ron Gonzalez, K1LCS
  • Joe Gordon, KB1RLC
  • Niece Hayes, KA1ULN
  • Charlie Pentedemos, KC1EIQ
  • Brian Quick, W1XMM
  • Don Risley, KC1CRK
  • Brian Smigielski, AB1ZO
  • Bill Warrington, W1TWO

A special thank you to our great instructor and VE team – Wayne Wagner, AG1A, Aron Insinga, W1AKI, Anthony Rizzolo, KC1DXL, Dave Michaels, N1RF, Skip Youngberg, K1NKR, Wayne Grant, KB1HYL, and Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC.  Also, an extra special thanks to Merle Insinga, W1MSI, for managing all the logistics and meals on Friday and Saturday!!

Anita, AB1QB

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