CW and Ham Radio in the family

The clipping is from the US Army Airforce training center, 8th AF, Reno, NV  during WW2.   Sgt. Carol Briggs (USAAF) lead instructor, is my wife’s late mother. This is a Level 2 class. Those entering could already copy/send 6 wpm and had to copy/send 20 wpm to become a USAAF radioman. It was a 4 week 6 day a week, 12 hour class, broken up with short segments on radio theory and operation and meal breaks.

Shortly after this photo was taken my future father in law returned from flying his 35 missions from Lavenham, England over Germany as a radioman (Capt USAAF)  in a B-17 (487th bomb group). 1/3 of the aircraft never made it back to England.

It wasn’t long after they met and married. My wife’s late brother was a Ham in the 1960s.  I’m told he had plenty of help learning CW.

While my wife isn’t interested in radio she feels it is part of her roots and doesn’t seem to mind a few wires in the trees.

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