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A Winter’s Fox Hunt

Jamey, KC1ENX let the N1FD foxes loose in Nashua, NH this past weekend to give all of us a chance to track them down. This is not the first time that our foxes have roamed to wilds on New Hampshire. We let them loose during our summer picnic this year. We always have fun and improve our radio direction finding skills while doing a Fox Hunt!

Fox News Alert - N1FD Foxes Roaming Nashua
Fox News Alert – N1FD Foxes Roaming Nashua

We woke this past Saturday to a Fox News Alert! Fox News contributor Jamey, KC1ENX reported

“Two foxes have been spotted in the Nashua area! It has been reported that N1FD-fox1 was heard on Route 3 this morning on 146.565. It has also been reported that N1FD-fox2 could be heard from close to N1FD-fox2’s location on a frequency of 146.535.”

Hunting the Large Fox

I went down to our shack and turned on the 2m rig. Sure enough, there was the howl of the large fox (audio recording above) so I gathered my HT and Elk Yagi antenna and set off to track down the Wiley critters. I stopped just beyond my house near Rt. 122 in Hollis, NH to get an initial fix. Sure enough, I heard the large critter’s bark coming from the general direction of Nashua. A couple of fixes along Rt. 3 indicated that the fox was in a den in Mine Falls Park so I drove there and parked. By this time, the fox was clearly audible on the mobile rig in my truck. I switched my HT to the big fox’s third harmonic frequency and headed for a high spot on a bridge in the center of the park. Sure enough, there the Wiley critter was – just ahead on the trail.

Fox Hunt - The Large Fox in its Lair
The Large Fox in its Lair

I got very close to the large fox when I encountered Bob, W1FDR who had a very effective close in system which used an HT and a dish. Bob said:

“Lets team up and we’ll track the critter down”.

So we did team up and it did not take long to find the fox’s hideout. We both signed the fox log and turned our attention to finding the smaller fox.

Hunting the Small Fox

Fox Hunt - Bob W1FDR by the Small Fox's Den
Bob W1FDR by the Small Fox’s Den

The small fox was audible from the large fox’s den using my Yagi and HT. We tracked the small fox across the soccer fields at Mine Falls Park and over a small ridge. Once we got close, Bob used his dish system to track down the small fox in its den.

Fox Hunt - Fox Hunting Equipment
Fox Hunting Equipment

The combination of my Yagi and Bob’s dish system worked very well for hunting the foxes. The Yagi was surprisingly directional at longer range and this made it relatively easy to get close to both foxes. Bob’s dish was great for the final, close-in location of the foxes in their dens.

I had a great time hunting the foxes and I am looking forward to another hunt this coming Saturday after our breakfast get together at Parker’s Maple Barn in Mason, NH. I am looking for some folks to team with again for the hunt this coming Saturday. Talley-ho!

Fred, AB1OC

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3 thoughts on “A Winter’s Fox Hunt”

  1. Ha! I had gotten to Mine Falls Park, having parked in Lincoln Park near the supermarket. I went in across the nearby bridge and got to the canal. At first, I thought it was on the far side of the canal but quickly realized, using triangulation skills, that I was getting that reading through the BACK of my antenna. I triangulated around and eventually got somewhere in the area of a bunch of construction equipment and a huge high-voltage power line, but that was as close as I could get.

    I was using a 2m tape-measure antenna. Next time I should bring the Elk as you did. It would probably do better on the 3rd harmonic in the 70cm band.

    Does that power line and construction equipment ring a bell? Was I anywhere close?

    Sorry I’ll be out of town next weekend! Would love to try this again!

    Burns Fisher, W2BFJ

  2. I am not sure where the construction equipment was. If you were on the east side of Rt. 3 on the bridge over the canal, your were pretty close. I would say that point was within 150-100 yards of where the large fox was hidden.

    Fred, AB1OC

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