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    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to go over some items and logistics for the Friday set-up and Saturday event day.
    What we are and want to bring:
    • If you plan on attending, we’re looking for people to bring a laptop loaded with the club website so we can let people peruse. Maybe we’ll even get a few new members
    • If you plan on attending, please consider bringing an HT so we can help people get on a repeater
    • We’ll have QSL cards  readily available
    • It would be nice to have several CW Paddles and let people play around with them. I have sheets of paper with the Morse Code alphabet
    • Showing off Dave’s Lego-style Yagi that is used in the classes. I think this is real slick
    • HF station (usual IC-7300 with accoutrements)
    • Digital Amateur TV station: (with video camera etc)
    • Satellite station (also the antenna to show off)
    • DX alarm clock
    • Examples of our kit builds
    • We’re also hoping to show off Mike Struzik’s BitX 20 project. We can then have an info flyer with your article and a link to the solder smoke website.
    What are the times:
    We’re going to break this up into 2 stages since Jamey is only available Friday morning. Around 8:30 am, Jamey will meet and Anita and Fred’s QTH and load up the truck. Jamey, it would be ideal if you could get it all loaded into the truck so those of us coming from work later in the day don’t have to make an extra stop.
    The rest of us (and volunteers are ALWAYS welcome) will unload Friday evening and setup what we can on Friday night. It would be ideal to meet at MakeIt Labs (25 Crown St., Nashua) by 6pm. This of course, is subject to traffic conditions etc.
    If you only can come on Saturday, we would really appreciate your support and interest by bringing family and friends.
    What are we going to provide to people
    We will have a register station like we did for our youth day. If you’re a NARC member, definitely double check with outside people to make sure they provided their contact info and that they have a QSL card. We will additionally keep a tally of who is interested in doing the February DSO138 kit build with us. I will make up a form to that effect.
    Any questions anyone? Email me at [email protected].
    Thanks for reading all this.
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