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Antenna Modeling
EZNEC Example

The March Tech Night (March 13, 2018) will have an introduction to antenna modeling by me, Scott, NE1RD. I’ll begin by going through some antenna theory and then proceed on to the NEC-2 software and its popular front ends EZNEC and CocoaNEC. (Both the evaluation/demo version of EZNEC, and the Macintosh-based CocoaNEC are free.) LINUX users should consider getting Andy (KB1OIQ) Stewart’s Andy’s Ham Radio Linux suite. The main concepts you’ll learn will apply equally well to any of these programs.

Please download the antenna modeling software for your platform,  and download the slides for this presentation from the Tech Night web page. The slides have a lot of detail on them, and it will be much easier to see the subtleties on your own screen.

So, bring your laptop with software and slides, and we’ll have you modeling antennas by the end of the evening. See you there!

Scott, NE1RD

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