Raspberry Pi Satellite Rotator Interface

Raspberry Pi Satellite Rotator Interface

We’ve been using our Portable Satellite Station 2.0 for some time now and it works great. One area that can be improved is the interface between the MacDoppler Satellite Tracking program we use and the GHTracker application which controls the Green Heron Engineering RT-21 Az/El Rotator Controller in our setup…

Source: Raspberry Pi Satellite Rotator Interface | Our HAM Station

The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive computer and control platform for many Ham Radio projects. We recently used a Raspberry Pi 3 to build an interface between the MacDoppler Satellite Tracking Software in our Portable Satellite Station and the Rotator Control System points the ground station antennas during satellite tracking. We put together an article about how we went about this project and some details of the hardware and software we used to put a Raspberry Pi 3 computer together for our project.

Fred, AB1OC

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