High Altitude Balloon Funding Goal - STEM Support

Our High Altitude Balloon Project Meets Its Funding Goal!

We met with teachers and kids in a STEM club at a second local school this afternoon. The teachers and kids are very excited about our project!

We are working on bringing an additional school on board.

STEM Learning Syllabus for HAB Project
STEM Learning Syllabus for HAB Project

We are also working with teachers in our partner schools to develop a syllabus that combines in-classroom lessons with hands-on learning to plan, build and launch our High-Altitude Balloon carrying Amateur Radio. Our team is also planning a tour of a local Amateur Radio station and other activities for the kids. We hope to reinforce the STEM learning aspects of our project this way. This should also spark further interest in Amateur Radio.

Funding For Our Project

We have met our initial funding goal for our project! Many thanks for the very generous donations from club members, member families and support from folks who found us via the internet. Stories about our project have been featured on qrz.com and eham.net and we have received support and well wishes from many HAMs via those sites.

We are hoping to raise more than our goal. If this happens, we will be able to invest in additional equipment. We will then also add some more science experiments to our balloon flight.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped us!!

Fred, AB1OC

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