Tech Night Group - Pixie Kit Build

Tech Night – 40m QRP CW Pixie Kit

Abby at Tech Night - Building her Pixie KitConnor (KC1GGX) and myself (Abby-AB1BY) both participated in the club’s November Tech Night. Our mission for the night was to build a 40m QRP CW Pixie Kit. Going in I was nervous – I had never soldered before – and wasn’t sure if I would understand how to put it together. Connor had done some soldering and was feeling more confident.


When we walked into the room Brian (AB1ZO) had all the kits neatly set out for everyone so we could get right to work. We opened the kits and instructions and I was overwhelmed! Thankfully we had some very experienced Elmers to help us out. Bill (K1TWO) and Charlie (AB1ZN) were extremely helpful in improving our soldering techniques and figuring out what went where. At first, I was very slow and asked a lot of questions, but as the night went on I think my technique got better and things went faster.


Connor at Tech Night - Building his Pixie KitWe worked the whole time and were the last two to finish, but when it came time to test our kits out they both worked! I was very proud of myself and learned a lot. Connor also had a great time and wants to do another project with soldering!


Brian at Tech Night -Testing His Pixie Kit

We would like to thank Brian and everyone involved for putting this fun tech night together.

Abby, AB1BY

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