Joe KB1RLC working on our DXCC in CQ Worldwide DX at AB1OC

N1FD Enters The CQ Worldwide DX Contest In A Quest To Earn DXCC!

The CQ Worldwide DX SSB Contest has just completed and we made a big step toward our goal of earning an ARRL DXCC Award for our club call, N1FD.

DXCC - N1FD Operator QSOs and Bands
N1FD Operator QSOs and Bands

The following club members operated as N1FD in the contest:

The N1FD Team operated from our station (AB1QB/AB1OC).

DXCC - Joe KB1RLC in CQ Worldwide DX at AB1OC
Joe KB1RLC Operating  in CQ Worldwide DX at AB1OC

Many of the club members who joined us had not previously had the opportunity to operate in a major DX contest. Our approach to the contest included a significant amount of time spent to help folks learn how to operate in a major DX contest such as CQ WW DX. All of the members of the N1FD Operator Team did a great job and we worked a lot of DX given the relatively poor band conditions throughout the contest period.

Hard at work on our DXCC - Our N1FD Multi-op Teams In Action (KC1ENX, KC1FFX, and KC1HHX)
One Of Our N1FD Multi-op Teams In Action (THe Funchum Team – KC1ENX, KC1FFX, and KC1HHX)

We entered the contest as N1FD in the Multi-Op, One Transmitter category and we operated in the High Power, Assisted class. This category allowed us to have two transmitters on the air on different bands simultaneously. One transmitter was the “run” station from which we could call CQ and contact any new callsigns on a given band. The other transmitter was a multiplier only station which was only allowed to work new multipliers (new DXCCs and CQ Zones) on a given band. We had both stations on the air simultaneously for a good portion of the contest period.

DXCC Progress for N1FD During The Contest Period
N1FD QSOs During The Contest Period

We operated on all of the contest bands from 160m through 10m during the contest. We mostly operated in Search and Pounce mode to focus on maximizing the number of DXCCs and CQ Zones worked. Search and Pounce mode also made it easier for the less experienced folks on our team to learn about contesting. We used a mix of data from the spotting cluster and tuning the bands to find and work stations. We did a bit of operating in Run mode (calling CQ) as well to help put additional QSOs in our log to boost our final score and to learn how to operate by calling CQ in a contest.

N1MM+ Logger Setup For Our DXCC Quest
N1MM+ Logger Setup For Our Contest Operation

We used the N1MM+ logger in a multi-op, networked configuration during the contest. This allowed us to share a single log between our two stations and to keep track of the multipliers (DXCCs and CQ Zones) that the combination of the two stations worked during the contest.

Final DXCCs Worked By The N1FD Team
Final DXCCs Worked By The N1FD Team (DXCCs worked are in Blue)

We worked a total of 108 countries in the contest and brought the total DXCCs worked by the N1FD callsign to 121.  This means that we worked a complete DXCC during a single weekend! We added 40 new DXCCs worked as a result of our contest operation.  Before the contest, our club call had 62 confirmed countries. We will need 38 more confirmations to qualify for the ARRL DXCC Award. We have received a total of 16 of the needed 38 new DXCC confirmations via LoTW as of the end of today!

We also gave our club a good start toward earning future 5-Band DXCC and DXCC Challenge Awards as we worked a total of 283 band-points during the contest.

Final CQ Zones Worked By The N1FD Team
Final CQ Zones Worked By The N1FD Team (Zones worked are in Blue)

We also made progress toward earning our CQ WAZ (Worked All CQ Zones) Award – we now have 33 our of 40 zones worked and 28 confirmed.

Our Final Claimed Score Summary
Our Final Claimed Score Summary For The Contest

We made a total of 607 QSOs during the contest for a claimed score of 588,208.  The actual score may be lower than this after the contest adjudication process completes in several months as deductions will be taken for any incorrect calls or exchanges. You can also see our results at the 3830 Score Rumor website.

Mike Rush, KU1V Working On Our DXCC In The Contest
Mike Rush, KU1V Operating In The Contest

Everyone involved had a lot of fun and learned some new skills. We are thinking about operating again as N1FD in the ARRL Sweepstakes Contest in November (Nov. 19-21). Please let us know if you’d be interested in joining the N1FD Team for this contest.


Anita, AB1QB and Fred, AB1OC

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2 thoughts on “N1FD Enters The CQ Worldwide DX Contest In A Quest To Earn DXCC!”

  1. A comment from an operator who worked the DXCC contest . I entered Fred and Anita’s radio station with a scary feeling because I had no experience of what was to be expected of me to operate in a professional setting. I was welcomed with friendly smiles, and the opportunity of being a better amateur radio operator by the time my slot was complete. After a thorough explanation of the equipment ,the unfamiliar computer software, and how it all works together, I was off into my own world in amazement. This has been an opportunity I will cherish forever. On that same evening I activated the home station and collected twenty plus QSO,’s for my own log book. I never really used the station much, just a rag chew with a friend a mile away from my QTH. I now have confidence to go out and visit the world from an armchair and a headset. In closing, I wish to commend the Kemmerers for giving their professional training and ability to learn new skills in operating amateur radio in a relaxed atmosphere.
    With much appreciation, jg

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