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Learning Morse Code – Our CW Training Classes Have Begun

A Big Thanks To Our Morse Code Instructor Team – Layne, AE1N, Mike, K1WVO, Dennis, K1LGQ and Wayne, KB1HYL.

The Nashua Area Radio Club has begun teaching a Morse Code training class on Saturday, July 16th 2016.  The class was created in response to interest in learning Morse Code, expressed by several club members who are drawn to this unique mode of communication.   While this unique skill-set is no longer a licensing requirement it continues to be a long standing practice enjoyed by may radio amateurs worldwide.  Numerous groups and organizations exit to encourage and promote the practice of communications using Morse code such as FISTS; North American QRP CW club (NAQCC); CW Operators Club (CWops); and the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC). Also, you can learn more about Morse Code and CW operation on our website here.

Morse Code - Dennis K1LGQ: "didit dah dah didit"
Dennis K1LGQ: “didit dah dah didit”

The use of Morse Code is one of the simplest ways of modulating a Continuous Wave (CW) RF carrier by generating characters composed of a series of “dits and dahs” to create a message.  Most QRP (low power) operators favor CW operation because of its low circuit complexity, lightweight (for portable operation) and extreme efficiency.  A limited number of amateur radio operators find great satisfaction in operating using Morse Code aka CW as their only mode.

Morse Code - Mike K1WVO 'Practice Practice Practice ...'
Mike K1WVO ‘Practice Practice Practice …’

The Nashua Area Radio Club Code course employs the Chuck Adams – K7QO, training CD.  Chuck’s course is available for download free of charge and is well-organized with over 500 audio MP3 files to help learn and improve your skill levels.  Our class encourages following K7QO’s guidelines and instructions to develop good CW habits that avoid the later roadblocks to greater speed and proficiency.  Our class has introduced a few variations to Chuck K7QO’s training plan with a couple of special CW practice quizzes that help keep the classroom fun and more interesting.  The G4FON software trainer utility has added to the fun with background noise, QRM and QSB listening challenges, which adds a taste of real CW operation.  Learning and gaining proficiency with Morse Code requires practice, practice, practice.  The K7QO training MP3 files can be listened to with a PC, MP3 player or in many of the newer car CD players.

Morse Code Keys - From the $2 Paperclip to $440 Bengali Key
From the $2 Paperclip to a $440 Bengali Key

Our training class has provided an opportunity for many of the students to observe several different Morse Code keys.  A couple of students have also brought in some innovative code practice keys that were constructed from some unique household items.  Other students are building a small microcontroller based keyer that can be used with a straight key or a single or dual paddle key for training or use with a transmitter.  The class will continue for a few more weeks and then many of the students will be ready to try their first on the air CW QSO.  Each on the air QSO will help grow their CW skills and is ultimately the best form of practice, practice, practice.

Mike, K1WVO

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4 thoughts on “Learning Morse Code – Our CW Training Classes Have Begun”

  1. Unfortunately I work week ends. I have olde casette practice CW but car no longer plays.

    What modern suggestions for getting back in groove ?

    A is ._ & B is _…

  2. Chuck,

    If you missed the CW training session, the steps below should help you get a copy of the Chuck Adams k7QO training CD.
    We’ll start with some background info, but the BIG Message is that THERE ARE NO DOT and DASHES – only DITs and DAHs…(because that is how they sound)!

    The goal: Recognize the Rhythm and inherently “Know” the letter … Chuck Adams K7QO created the course we are working with.

    You can get started by going to K7QO webpage and getting a copy of his course in ISO format:

    The .ISO file contains hundreds of audio files and TEXT support files and Instructions.
    It’s a BIG file in the compressed .ISO format… expect it to take some time to download.
    After downloading a copy, you can Right-Click on the file then select ”Open with… Windows Disk Image Burner”
    You should see something like this:
    Put in a blank CD allow it to spin up then depress the Burn button… the process will take about 3 or 4 minutes to complete.
    You can now explore the CD contents and start by playing the first MP3 file (sending the letter “A” in five letter groups, the next MP3 file is the letter “B”
    The third MP3 file is a quiz – a mix of letters both letters to improve your response time.

    It is important that you write the letters down as you hear and recognize them… DON’T WRITE them before you hear them!

    Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions or need additional help. Sorry your work schedule does not allow you to attend our class.

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