Colossus of Radio

The Colossus of Radio

Colossus of Radio
The rear of the Crosley Super-Power set. Everything that could be was chromium-plated.

Crosley Radio Corporation’s 1936 “WLW Model  Super-Power Radio Receiver”Front of Crosley Radio Corporation’s WLW Model Super-Power radio receiver. Features included multiple tuning, volume, fidelity, and tone controls, as well as a public address system.In 1935, the Zenith Radio Corporation produced a stunning radio receiver called the Stratosphere model 1000Z. The set used 25 tubes and three loudspeakers —  more than any other radio to date. An amazing (for the time) 50 watts drove its three speakers — one 6 inch dynamic high-frequency and two 12 inch dynamic low-frequency speakers.

Check this article out. Found by Ralph Keyslay, N1UH. Ralph suggests that we might want to include this article in a future newsletter. Looks like a great QRP rig!

Source: The Colossus of Radio – Nuts & Volts Magazine – For The Electronics Hobbyist

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