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Nashua Area Radio Society N1FD QSL Card
Nashua Area Radio Society N1FD QSL Card

We are best known by our call sign, N1FD for number one Field Day! Our call sign is primarily used during operating activities like Field Day.  It is also possible for our members to use N1FD to operate in Special Events and other activities which benefit our organization. We ask that our members meet the following requirements when operating using the N1FD call sign:

    1. You need to secure, in advance, an OK from the N1FD trustee, Fred Kemmerer (AB1OC) to use the call sign for a specific period and purpose. You can do this by sending Fred an email at [email protected]. Please allow at least 3 days for Fred to respond. You need to do this each separate time when you want to use the call sign. For example, if you want to use N1FD for a net, you would need to get a separate OK from Fred for each non-consecutive period N1FD was used during different Net sessions. When requesting to use N1FD, please include the purpose, range of dates/times and some idea of the bands and modes that you plan to use when operating as N1FD.
    2. You need to keep logs of your contacts and submit an ADIF (.adi) file covering all of your contacts made as N1FD to Fred within 3 days after you use the call sign. The details of all contacts that you make as N1FD must be recorded in the ADIF file that you send including the other station’s call sign, time and date (in UTC), band and frequency used and signal reports exchanged both ways. If you are operating in a contest using N1FD, your ADIF files must also include the full set of information sent and received as part of the exchange required during the contest. This information is essential for us to properly QSL the contacts made. We will not be able to confirm (QSL) contacts made as N1FD unless you submit the ADIF files for all of your N1FD contacts. If you don’t currently have a logging program that can create an ADIF file, check out the online logger on the qrz.com site. If you log the calls made as N1FD there, you can export an ADIF file for your log and send it to Fred. If you are going to use N1FD in a contest that we are submitting logs for, we really would like you to use N1MM+ or the equivalent so that we can be sure that the contest exchanges are fully captured.
    3. When you operate using N1FD, you must operate within the Frequency, Power, Mode, etc. requirements of whatever class license that you hold.
    4. You need to ID with your personal call sign when operating as N1FD at least every 15 minutes while on the air. You should also periodically let others know that you are a member of the Nashua Area Radio Society and that you are using our call sign.
    5. You cannot delegate the use of the N1FD call sign to other operators – each person using N1FD needs to secure an OK from Fred. Fred will be happy to do this for a group of members wanting to use the call sign for the same operation or event.
    6. Remember that you are representing our organization when you operate using the N1FD call sign. Please try to operate in accordance with the highest standards of Amateur Radio operating practice to create the best possible view of our organization and its members to other operators.

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