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    According to the most recent statistics of the International Amateur Radio Union, there are 2.6 million licensed radio ama teurs in the world. The list of countries, where about 90% of the world hams reside, may hold some surprises .

    Japan has half of the world Amateur Radio population: 1.3 million. The Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) has a membership of 194,000.

    The United States has one-fourth of the world radio amateurs. Less than 30 years ago, the US was home to more than half of the world amateur population. However, at that time the total world ham population was barely more than 400,000! Amateur Radio has grown in the US but has been growing even faster in a number of other countries, not just Japan. ARRL membership is about 172,000.

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    Hamilton (K1HMS)
    Amherst, NH

    Fred Kemmerer
    Fred Kemmerer

    Interesting article. Makes one wonder why Amateur Radio is growing faster in other places. Is this about demographics or something else?


    - Fred (AB1OC)
    President, Nashua Area Radio Society

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