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    Fred Kemmerer
    Fred Kemmerer

    The following is from the ARRL website. You can view the full page here.

    W1AW Operating Schedule

     Updated March 14, 2016


    6 am7 am8 am9 am1300zFast CodeSlow CodeFast CodeSlow Code
    7 – 9 am
    10 am -12:45 pm
    8 – 10 am
    11 am -1:45 pm
    9 – 11 am
    Noon – 2:45 pm
    10 am – Noon
    1 – 3:45 pm
    1400z to 1600z

    1700z to 1945z

    Visiting Operator Time
    1 pm2 pm3 pm4 pm2000zFast CodeSlow CodeFast CodeSlow CodeFast Code
    2 pm3 pm4 pm5 pm2100zCode Bulletin
    3 pm4 pm5 pm6 pm2200zDigital Bulletin
    4 pm5 pm6 pm7 pm2300zSlow CodeFast CodeSlow CodeFast CodeSlow Code
    5 pm6 pm7 pm8 pm0000zCode Bulletin
    6 pm7 pm8 pm9 pm0100zDigital Bulletin
    6:45 pm7:45 pm8:45 pm9:45 pm0145zVoice Bulletin
    7 pm8 pm9 pm10 pm0200zFast CodeSlow CodeFast CodeSlow CodeFast Code
    8 pm9 pm10 pm11 pm0300zCode Bulletin

    W1AW’s transmitting schedule occurs at the same local Eastern time throughout the year.

    The schedule may change if your local time does not have seasonal adjustments.

    Daily Morse Code Practice QST Source

    Code practice text is from the pages of QST magazine, the League’s membership journal.  The source is given at the beginning of each practice session and alternate speeds within each session.  For example, “Text is from July 2015 QST, pages 86″ indicates that the practice session’s plain text is from the article on page 86.

    Click here to see the table for each daily Morse Code Practice text.

    Morse Code Transmissions

    Frequencies are 1.8025, 3.5815, 7.0475, 14.0475, 18.0975, 21.0675, 28.0675 and 147.555 MHz.

    Slow Code = practice sent at 5, 7-1/2, 10, 13 and 15 words per minute (wpm).

    Fast Code = practice sent at 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 13 and 10 wpm.

    Code bulletins are sent at 18 wpm.

    CW frequencies include code practices, Qualifying Runs and CW bulletins.

    World Wide Web: You can also find W1AW code practice here on ARRLWeb, in MP3 format. Other resources can be found on the ARRLWeb Learn CW page.

    W1AW Qualifying Runs are sent on the same frequencies as the Morse code transmissions. West Coast Qualifying Runs are also transmitted monthly by either K6YR on approximately 3590 kHz, or other West Coast stations on various frequencies.  At the beginning of each code practice session, the schedule for the next qualifying run is presented. Underline one minute of the highest speed you copied, certify that your copy was made without aid, and send it to ARRL for grading. Please include your name, call sign (if any) and complete mailing address. The initial certificate is available for a $10 fee. Subsequent endorsement stickers are available for a $7.50 fee.

    - Fred (AB1OC)
    President, Nashua Area Radio Society

    Visit us on the web at - https://www.n1fd.org

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