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    Dave Michaels
    Dave Michaels

    Help, software gurus. I am re-aquanting with some python coding (v. 2.7.13 for OS X ).  I picked PyCharm Community Ed. for an IDE.  Reasonable features, can upgrade to full version with no extra learning  time and it’s free.  However, the documentation from Jet Brains leaves me lost at times.

    Can anyone suggest a good user guide book or on-line source.  

    Anita Kemmerer
    Anita Kemmerer


    I am not familiar with the PyCharm IDE – I use the IDE from https://www.python.org/ .  They have lots of documentation on their website.  Also you can google anything that you want to do and someone has posted instructions on how to do it.

    I also have a few books on Python that I can recommend (or let you borrow), depending on what you are trying to do.

    - Anita (AB1QB)
    Activities Chairperson, Nashua Area Radio Society

    Visit us on the web at - https://www.n1fd.org

    Dave Michaels
    Dave Michaels

    Thanks much, Anita.  Which IDE on Python.org. ? What’s it name?  Python.org is a great site and they have an area with many IDE’s described by platform.  I’m just starting the project so can switch if yours beats PyCharm.  The project involves using R-Pi to coordinate 2 XBees working together for an IoT to control/monitor home devices.

    As for reference books.  I have both hard copy and e-copy of Lutz’s “Learning Python 5ed”.  It’s good for detailed descriptions; less so for sample problem practice.  However, there are lots of sites with problem exercise sets; I like w3resource.com. Many yrs ago, I had a novice knowledge of coding in Python.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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