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    Jacob Lemieux

    Hey everybody!

    Unsure if any of you remember me specifically, but I took the technician course last fall. I was extremely excited to start making contacts once I received my call sign.

    I don’t have much for equipment currently…I previously had a Yaesu Ft 60r however it broke sometime back in college. I was curious if anybody had suggestions on some equipment to get started.

    What I’m looking for:
    Something none permanent (HT or maybe something for the car?)
    To note: I live in an apartment, so I think transmitting from the busy neighborhood would cause issues and produce weak signals.
    Preferably under $500 total for the whole setup

    Thanks so much for your time! Hope everybody is doing well.

    -Jake Lemieux, KC1IGA

    - Jake, KC1IGA

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    Burns FISHER
    Burns FISHER

    Hi Jacob!

    Just a thought:  A Yaesu FT-817ND is a really nice all-mode radio–portable with batteries, or plug in to the mains with a transformer, or into 12V in a car.   Lots of frequencies you could not use with Technician, but incentive is nice, right?

    Two disadvantages:  It is only 5W.  That may be fine for you depending on your use.

    The other is that it is $800 new.  There are a lot of them around, so you might find it cheaper used.

    Burns Fisher, WB1FJ


    Jacob Lemieux

    Hey Burns,


    Thanks for the suggestion. Looking into it now – I would love to eventually jump to the general license class. This really peaks my interests 🙂


    -Jake, KC1IGA

    - Jake, KC1IGA


    Hi Jacob

    You could check the Ham Radio Outlet located in Salem NH on Rt.28 for radio packages that you are looking for.    They might have what you are seeking.

    The other place you may want to check is  They have an assortment of radios and package deals that may interest you.  Might be worth checking.




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    Hello Jake,

    NEARFEST in Deerfield, NH is coming up in a couple of weeks. The club has a major display both days and many of us will be there if you would like help shopping the used gear. You could also help man a table for a hour or two or get on the air with the GOTA HF station.

    I got my new FT60 at HRO at NEARFEST for $130, they often have a Fest discount. If you still have the broken FT-60 you could bring it to my QTH and it is likely we can repair it provided it isn’t completely crushed. I’ve replaced boards, displays, and a case on several of these. The parts were all under $40 from Yaesu.

    I’m baised and think the fun is HF. VHF/UHF can be fun with high gain antennas, hill tops, and satellite tracking stations. I like the idea of EME. But I find hitting the local repeater with a HT is just not as exciting as HF.

    I would suggest getting a HF rig as a way to become familar with it to prepare for the General, and maybe a baofeng for VHF/UHF to hit the local repeater.  Something like a Yaesu FT-450D or similar.

    Untill then check out You can use some really nice stations to scan the HF amd SWL bands for free with just a wifi connection and smart phone.


    I hope you can make it to NEARFEST..


    Hamilton K1HMS


    Hamilton (K1HMS)
    Amherst, NH


    Jacob Lemieux

    Thanks for the responses everybody! That really points me in the right direction. NEARFEST sounds like a really great time – I’ll look more into it. I’d love to attend.


    In regards to my Yaesu FT60, the glass cover protecting the LCD broke years ago. The LCD still works. I think it struggles to pick up some signals too, however, that may be user error 😉

    Thanks again! 73


    - Jake, KC1IGA

    Michael Lospennato
    Michael Lospennato

    Hey Jake!

    I’m a new Technician also, took the class this February, it was great, and I’m exploring 2 m and 70 CM at the moment. Also just installed EchoLink  and had a QSO on the club net Sunday. Please shout out for me on the Nashua repeater 147.045 MHZ if you can hit that. Am on Merrimack Nashua line. I’ve been researching a bigger rig than this handheld, preferably something that covers 6 meters as well. Good luck!




    73, Mike, W1LOC

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