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    Does anyone know of mapping software that would make it easy to “map a log book”. As an example a geo-location of all of the QSOs logged using the FD 40m array would be interesting. With >500 contacts there would be a cloud of points. The cloud would show the general coverage of the antenna (and Hams). For the few with 1000s of contacts there would be enought data to make it very interesting. It goes without say there are many factors why the results would be cursory at best. I would still like to see the data, looking up Lat/Lon for each contact on QRZ is a non starter.

    Hamilton (K1HMS)
    Amherst, NH

    Greg Fuller
    Greg Fuller

    I use http://www.qsomap.org you can upload an adif file and get a visual of your qso’s by mode.

    - Greg (W1TEN)

    Visit us on the web at - https://www.n1fd.org


    Tom Mahon

    I have a piece of software that maps grids and I believe that Ham Radio Deluxe (and maybe the free version) has a mapping function that ties into Google maps.


    Fred Kemmerer
    Fred Kemmerer

    Hi Hamilton,

    I know of two ways to do this. First, the DXLab Logging Suite has a direct interface to the DX Atlas mapping program and to Google Earth. The later can be used to make some really cool videos. Check this one out.

    There are also websites that will do what you want based upon and upload adif file. Try Google’ing “Display QSOs on map”. This one looks interesting.

    I like the DXLab approach the best. We use it for all sorts of things here.

    Have fun!



    - Fred (AB1OC)
    President, Nashua Area Radio Society

    Visit us on the web at - https://www.n1fd.org

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