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    Good morning everyone. I Wanted to send out a little more info about Tuesday. First, make sure you do your civic duty and vote if you haven’t cast your early ballot yet.
    I am thinking for the night of, we may want to begin a bit earlier. Perhaps 630pm. I’ll be firm on this in a day or two.
    <b>There are some items you may want to bring (if you have them) that could make life a bit easier for you. If you have extras, please consider bringing them to cover people who don’t. And, whatever you bring, please label them so they go back home with you and don’t mistakenly get taken by anyone else.</b>
    1. <b>Power strip / extension cords:</b> Extension cords in particular would be huge. I have a few and some others have a few but if you can bring your own, that would be super.
    2. <b>Soldering irons / stations: </b>I believe only 1 person does not have their own iron. No problem. We’ll have you covered. 🙂
    3. <b>Solder sucker, soldering braid, etc.: </b>Not essential, but in case you mess up, this may come in handy.
    4. <b>9V battery: </b>Please bring this one with you. Not sure how many I have at my QTH, or others have, but bringing your own 9V for the kit will be very helpful
    5. <b>Wire cutters:</b> I think I have 2 pairs and others will bring some. I doubt we will need 15 (we can share…part of the fun…we’re one big radio family) but if you have one, it’s advisable to bring it or extras.
    6. <b>Magnfiying glass</b>: If you have a hard time seeing small components, try to bring one. I’m asking around to see if people have them, but presumably you have one already if you need it.
    Between, now and then, please have a look at the attached flyer. It’s not necessary to read it all (7 pages) but it does contain some general info and the instructions for the night. I will have the instructions printed out for you the night of, so don’t worry about printing it unless you want to.


    In case it you didn’t watch it last time, it’s recommended you watch the soldering video from SparkFun. We will also show this the night of.

    Lastly, after this process is over, I’d like to hear from you:
    • How did it go?
    • What can we do to improve it?
    • Would you do it again?
    And similar type questions.
    Thanks for your time,
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