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    Bernard Biron

    I found an App in the Apple App Store that mimics the G4FON Software that is designed for a Windows Computer. Currently, there is not a comparable program for the Apple Desktop.

    The fellow who wrote this app specifically wrote it to mimic the G4FOn software on the iPhone. It is in my opinion very nice.

    The name of the App is “Morse Elmer”. Check it out if you have an iPhone!


    Mike Ryan
    Mike Ryan

    Thanks Bernie, sounds like a great tool for Apple iPhone owners. The those with other devices that can be “online” and surf the web, the youtube presentations sound with the Search phrase “Learn to Read Morse” will yield several sample speeds:

    For a slightly different approach, search for “Moby Dick Morse” and find segments of the book displayed on the screen at various playback speeds. The process here works somewhat different. You see what will be sent and follow along in your head (knowing what the next letter, number or punctuation symbol will be. Here is Moby Dick at 10WPM…

    Almost any device with a web browser should allow those without an iPhone to have easy access to help and improve their skills. Also any device that can play the MP3 files from the K7QO CD can store and play them off-line. I suggest keeping the list of MP3 files small and perhaps starting with 040.mp3 (two letter words) or leter files in the series.

    Also, the ARRL practice sessions can be downloaded or played online as well, so there are lots of practice options.

    Also, while trying to search the ARRL site for a link to the W1AW files, I stumbled upon this interesting sounding link:

    It’s an App called CODEMAN and it’s available for Apple iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Note, a quick search on the ARRL page will provide lots more, including a link to someone who translates news broadcasts into CW streaming. Ideas that can help with almost any smart device.

    Thanks again for sharing as it forced me to add some additional ideas for us non iPhone folks.

    - Mike (K1WVO)
    Nashua Area Radio Club
    Visit us on the web at -

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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