DSO138 Scope Kit

Show Your Love for Amateur Radio on Feb. 14

February 14, 2017, now represents two important days: Valentine’s and Nashua ARC’s Feb Tech Night! Nothing else says love like telling that special someone — you want to solder some electronics 🙂

Back by popular demand (and good reviews from others) is our kit building night. Everyone had a blast on Election Night building the Pixie kits, and on V-day, we are going to work on a DIY oscilloscope known as the DSO138. (It is mere coincidence FYI that our kit building nights have fallen on holidays, of sorts).

The nice thing about this kit, of course, is being able to visualize some of the basic waveforms used in electronics. The kit does come with a square-wave test signal, but we will also have a signal generator present to visualize more complicated waveform.

Building this kit is an excellent opportunity to hone those soldering skills, brush up on electronics theory, and add another fun toy to your growing (or perhaps overflowing) collection. The price point is definitely fair for an oscilloscope and may help you figure out if you’ll want a more sophisticated one down the road.

We had about 15 people last time, so I think this time, it’d be great to expand that number to 20 (or more)! Buy a kit here, and join us in February! Looking forward to seeing you.

Brian, AB1ZO

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