Connor Finchum, KC1GGX building his Pixie Kit

Nashua ARC Pre-Thanksgiving Jamboree Youth Event!

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow, Saturday Nov 19 from 9am-5pm, we will be hosting an event for kids to explore and enjoy amateur radio at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock facility in Nashua. Though we will be there all day, you and your family members / friends / cool strangers you met off the street are welcome to drop in at anytime to have a look and play on the radio.

We will have a few station set-ups such as:

  1. The ubiquitous GOTA station
  2. Foxhunting (I think we’re going to have awesome weather for this)
  3. Design your own QSL card station (which will also help kids understand where their contact lives and how far away they were),
  4. Learn about Morse code station (where kids can play with paddles and learn the basics of the art)
  5. A snap circuits station where small projects can be done and tested to learn about the basics of electronics.

Your fine crew managing this endeavor (and forgive me if I’m missing people) are:

  1. Jamey (KC1ENX)
  2. Brian (AB1ZO)
  3. Fred (AB1OC)
  4. Anita (AB1QB)
  5. Tony (KC1DXL)
  6. Greg (W1TEN)
  7. Wayne (KB1HYL)
  8. Abby (KC1FFX) and Connor (KC1GGX)

We hope to see some of you out there! But if not, have a good Thanksgiving and see you at the next club meeting!

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