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Nashua ARC Youth Outreach Event!

Hi fellow  members,

Nashua ARC will be hosting its first Youth Outreach event on Saturday, October 1 from 8am-2pm at Mine Falls Park in Nashua, NH. Mine Falls Park is located on Whipple St.

Mine Falls Park hosts many youth soccer games every Saturday throughout the Fall. We are hoping to take full advantage of that fact in order to provide kids a bit of insight into what comprises amateur radio.

Some of the activities that we will likely host are:

  • Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) Station
  • Fox hunts
  • Use some HT’s and get on the Nashua repeaters

This we hope is to generate enough interest so that we can plan a follow-on activity a bit later.

Now comes the part where AB1ZO looks at you warmly, scratches his cheek, and asks you for a favor. It might go down something like this:

A friendly, casual conversation between me and you
A friendly, casual conversation between me and you

And that favor is that we really do need your help to come out to the Park:

  • Help us set up beginning around 8 am
    • (Setup is pretty important to have able bodies around for. We’ll shoot to get on the air as quickly as possible after. Perhaps by 9 am)
  • Work the booth
  • (Most importantly) Interact with the kids.
  • Help breakdown around 2 pm

The more the merrier and the longer you’re able to give a bit of time, the better as well. Additionally, you are completely encouraged to bring family and friends, especially if they are < 18 years old. But in all honesty, I think it would be fantastic if we had a significant contingent of the club at the Park, to welcome our guests. But don’t do it for me, do it for the kids:

Do it for the kids...
Do it for the kids…

If you think you can give some time, please contact myself ([email protected]) or Jamey (KC1ENX)  to let us know what you would like to help with. Again, we really could use the volunteers in all the aforementioned areas. We’re hoping this is a facet of the club you will all embrace as it evolves.

Best and 73,

Brian, AB1ZO

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