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Our Second Round Of NPOTA Activations

We held our second series of National Parks On The Air Activations this past week. The weather was beautiful and we have the pleasure of activating two different parks this time.

Mobile HF In NPOTA Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP
Mobile HF In Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP

On Saturday, Aron W1AKI and Merle W1MSI Insinga, Anita AB1QB and Fred AB1OC activated Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park (NPOTA HP26) in Vermont, USA. We used our Mobile HF station for this activation which was an SSB operation on 20m and 40m using 500w.

Operating Mobile HF in NPOTA NH26
Operating Mobile HF in NPOTA HP26

We took turns operating as two person teams with an operator and a logger. The IC-7000 radio which we use in our Mobile HF station is easily accessible for connection and we brought a laptop running N1MM+ which we connected to the radio. This made logging accurate and easy. We made a little over 210 QSOs in about 2 1/2 hours in Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller on Saturday.

Saint-Gaudens NHS NPOTA
Saint-Gaudens NHS

On Sunday, we activated Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site (NPOTA NS60) for the second time.  In addition to the gang from Saturday, Joe KB1RLC and Jill Gordon, Jeff Millar WA1HCO, Ira Brand KC1EMJ and Mike Ryan K1WVO joined us for the Sunday activation.

NPOTA Portable Antenna - 20m Inverted-V
Portable Antenna – 20m Inverted-V

We arrived early on Sunday and began our operation by setting up and tuning a 20m Inverted-V antenna for our portable station. We were able to get the feed point of this antenna up higher (about 35 feet) this time and the antenna performed better as a result.

Portable Operation With A View - NPOTA NS60
Portable Operation With A View – NPOTA NS60

We setup our 20m portable station in a shady spot at the bottom of the park’s meadow. This gave us a nice view while operating.

20m Portable NPOTA Station
20m Portable Station

We used our 20m portable setup which is based upon the 100w Icom IC-7300 again for our second activation and it worked very well. We had a laptop computer running N1MM+ for logging.

Nashua Area Radio Club Operating Portable In NPOTA NS60
Nashua Area Radio Club Operating Portable In NPOTA NS60

The 20m portable station tent was our main “hang out” during our NPOTA activation on Sunday.

Mobile HF On 40m In NPOTA NS60
Mobile HF On 40m In NPOTA NS60

We also had our Mobile HF station at Saint-Gaudens and we operated it on 40m. We were QRO at 500w from the Mobile.

40m Bandpass Filter - 500W
40m Bandpass Filter – 500W

We used the new bandpass filters from DXEngineering on both the 40m Mobile HF and 20m Portable stations. These filters have very low passband loss and very good filtering characteristics. We had no problems with interference between our 20m and 40m stations during our activations.

Saint-Gaudens Park Staff Supporting NPOTA
Saint-Gaudens Park Staff

The park staff rolled out the red carpet for us during both of our NPOTA activations. They displayed our signage and shared the information that we provided about the NPOTA program and our club. They really made us feel at home in the park.

Great Weather And Music Draws A Crowd
Great Weather And Music Draws A Crowd

There was a large crowd of visitors at the park during our activation. The combination of great weather and live music was a huge draw for folks. This gave our club and our NPOTA activation some nice public exposure.

Abe Lincoln Sculpture
Abe Lincoln Sculpture

Saint-Gaudens was a renowned culture in his time and there are many impressive pieces of sculpture on the park grounds. The park recently commissioned this impressive sculpture of Abraham Lincoln which has become one of their centerpiece works in the park.

Flower Gardens At Saint-Gaudens NPOTA
Flower Gardens At Saint-Gaudens

The park has many beautiful gardens and they offer a wonderful set of surroundings for the sculptures in the park.

Our Favorite Walkway In The Park
Our Favorite Walkway In The Park

This is my personal favorite spot in the park – a Birch tree-lined walkway!

Team Operating Our Portable NPOTA Station
Team Operating Our Portable Station

Our NPOTA operations kept us pretty busy all afternoon on Sunday. We operated as two person teams – an operator and a logger. This gave more of us a chance to operate and the teamwork made it easier to handle the steady stream of callers.

More NPOTA Team Operating
More Team Operating

I got a chance to operate both the mobile and portable stations. It was great fun handling our contacts with NS60!

Eyeball NPOTA QSO With A Local HAM
Eyeball QSO With A Local HAM

It seems that every Amateur Radio operation that I have the pleasure to be part of manages to hand our a nice surprise or two. This one was not an exception. I worked a local HAM, Jeff Katchen WB2NWR, in Cornish, NH which is very near the park. He came by afterward to visit and share his QSL card and a nice eyeball QSO!

Our operation was a lot of fun –  a success by all measures. We made a total of 570+ QSOs between our activations on Friday and Saturday.

If we include our test activation of Saint-Gaudens, our NEQP activations of both parks and our July activation of Saint-Gaudens, we have made a total of 1,240+ NPOTA QSOs as N1FD!

There was some discussion at the end of the day on Sunday about doing one more NPOTA activation this year. Our final one would be a high-power operation with both stations running QRO 500w! We will discuss this at an upcoming club meeting and we’ll certainly do a third activation if there are enough interest and support.

We took a lot of nice pictures between this last and our previous activations. You can look at them in the gallery which follows.


Fred, AB1OC

Mobile HF HP26 #1Mobile HF HP26 2Aron Operating in HP26Aron and Anita Operating in HP26Saint-Gaudens Grounds 1Antenna Building 1Antenna Building 2Antenna Building 3Antenna Build 4Antenna Building 5Antenna Building 6Antenna Building 7Saint-Gaudens Park StaffSaint-Gaudens Park Staff 2Saint-Gaudens Grounds 1Saint-Gaudens Grounds 2Saint-Gaudens Grounds 3Saint-Gaudens Grounds 4Saint-Gaudens Grounds 5Saint-Gaudens Grounds 6Saint-Gaudens Grounds 7Saint-Gaudens Grounds 8Saint-Gaudens Grounds 9Saint-Gaudens Grounds 10Saint-Gaudens Grounds 11Saint-Gaudens Grounds 12Saint-Gaudens Grounds 13Saint-Gaudens Grounds 14Saint-Gaudens Grounds 15Saint-Gaudens Grounds 16Saint-Gaudens Grounds 17Saint-Gaudens Grounds 18Saint-Gaudens Grounds 19Saint-Gaudens Grounds 20Saint-Gaudens Grounds 21National Parks On The Air Activation by Our ClubPortable Ops 3Portable Ops 4Portable Ops 5Portable Ops 6Portable Ops 7Portable Ops 8Portable Ops 9Portable Ops 10Portable Ops 11Portable Ops 12Portable Ops 13Portable Ops 14Portable Ops 15Portable Ops 16Portable Ops 17Portable Station 1Portable Station 2Portable Station 3Portable Station 4Portable Station TestMobile HF at Saint-Gaudens 1Mobile HF at Saint-Gaudens 2Mobile HF at Saint-Gaudens 6Mobile HF at Saint-Gaudens 3Mobile HF at Saint-Gaudens 4Mobile HF at Saint-Gaudens 5Visit from a Local HAM

NPOTA Fun – Activating a New Park

Ever since we built our Mobile HF Station, we’ve talked about taking it to Acadia National Park in Maine and operating from the top of Cadillac Mountain.  The 2016 ARRL NPOTA event gave us the motivation to plan the trip for the week before Labor Day.    The week before our trip, we saw an article in the ARRL Letter encouraging operation from the newly declared National Monument, Katahdin Woods and Waters in Maine, which had just be designated as NPOTA MN84.  Visiting the NPS website, we learned that the park is only a 2 1/2 hour drive from Bar Harbor, where we are staying.  We decided to accept the challenge to be the first to activate the new park.

F150 Mobile Station at the entrance to Katadhin Woods and Wildlife National Monument NPOTA
Our F150 Mobile Station at the entrance to Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument

Tuesday, August 30 was our first full day of vacation, we left our hotel room and parked by the Acadia visitor center and called “CQ National Parks”.   We ended up with 76 contacts in the log from NP01.

After that we got on the road and headed toward Katahdin Woods and Waters, activating counties along the way including the county line between Penobscot and Aroostook Counties.

NPS Map of the NPOTA
NPS Map of the Park

As a newly designated National Monument, Katahdin Woods and Waters does not yet have a visitors center or any signs showing you when you enter and exit the park.  We just had the map (above) to determine where the park boundaries were.    All of the roads in black on the map are gravel roads that are also used for logging trucks.

Entrance to Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument NPOTA
Entrance to Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument

We entered the park from Swift Brook Road off Rt 11 in the lower right corner of the map.  We drove through the lower section by the entrance and then headed north along the Eastern Branch of the Penobscot River and operated near the Loos camping area.   The sign above confirmed that we were within the park boundaries.

Scenic View of Katahdin Woods and Waters NM NPOTA
Scenic View of Katahdin Woods and Waters NM

The scenery along the river was beautiful with views of the mountains in the distance.

Operating at NPOTA MN84
Operating at MN84

We started operating on 20m and the pileups were huge!  Everyone was excited to get this new NPOTA into the log.  Fred, AB1OC/M ended up going split on 20m due to the size of the pile-ups.  After a while, he moved to 40m to give the close in folks a chance at MN84.  We went back and further between 20m and 40m until the pile-ups thinned out.   We also made 18 QSOs with the club callsign N1FD to also give the club credit for the activation.  We really enjoyed activating the park and the people we talked to were great!  We made a total of 350 QSOs from MN84.

Katahdin Woods and Waters NPOTA - National Park Yes!
Friendly Sign at Katahdin Woods & Waters

We also plan to activate Acadia National Park NP01 again from Cadillac Mountain this week. We will also activate Saint Croix Island, HS01 and Roosevelt Campobello International Park, AA21 in Canada (as AB1OC/VE9 and AB1QB/VE9).

Activating MN84 for the first time was truly a memorable experience.  We enjoyed it so much we will be back on Saturday to give more NPOTA chasers a chance at MN84!  Hope to talk to you on the air!

Anita, AB1QB

Thanksgiving Weekend NPOTA Fun

With only 1 month to go in the ARRL NPOTA event and some free time this Thanksgiving weekend, Fred and I decided to hit the road to activate some new parks.    We activated two nearby parks, each less than 1 hour away from our home,  Lamprey Wild and Scenic River,  WR23, near Epping, NH, and Minuteman National Historical Park, HP27, near Concord, MA.    There were close to 900K QSOs made overall in the NPOTA program as of Thanksgiving day and we also wanted to help the cause to get to 1Million NPOTA QSOs by year’s end.

Map of Lamprey Wild and Scenic River NPOTA
Map of Lamprey Wild and Scenic River

On Saturday, we drove to Epping, NH, where we activated Lamprey Wild and Scenic River.   It was a rainy day, but we still enjoyed the scenic drive along the river.  We drove along the river until we found a place by the river to park and operate.  The bands were not great, with a K-index of 4 and a high A-index.  Despite the conditions, our activation was a success.  We operated on both 20m and 40m SSB and made a total of 307 QSOs over 3 hours.

Minute Man National Historical Park NPOTA
View of Countryside in Minute Man National Historical Park

I work in Burlington, MA and often travel between Burlington and Waltham, MA for meetings.  Each time I passed by Lexington on I-95 I saw the sign for Minute Man NHP and thought it would be fun to do an NPOTA activation from there.  We activated the park on Saturday. We entered the park from the Concord, MA end and were pleasantly surprised to see some nice countryside in the middle of a suburban area of Massachusetts, not far from Boston.

AB1QB logging for AB1OC/M during the NPOTA activation
AB1QB logging for AB1OC/M during the NPOTA activation.

We operated from a parking lot in the park from mid-afternoon until dark.  The bands were a little better on Saturday and we were able to get 239 contacts into the log, mostly the US but also worked stations from Spain, Jamaica, Aruba and Puerto Rico.

We have enjoyed activating 8 National parks so far in the NPOTA event.  We are planning another activation between Christmas and New Years of multiple parks before the end of the event on December 31.

Anita, AB1QB

CQ WW WPX Contest

This past weekend Abby, AB1BY and I participated in the CQ WPX contest working mobile!  My mobile set up consists of the Icom IC-7100 and various hamsticks We took part only to have fun and to increase our totals towards our DXCC and we did both! We totaled right around 50 contacts for the weekend which we thought was really good seeing that we only worked when we had to go somewhere in the car and I was at work all day on Sunday.

This was a great contest for us as many of the big stations were out and not only do they put out a great signal, for the most part, they hear very good as well! We were actually able to work 20 meters the whole time and we were on late on Friday night and still making good contacts. I would encourage anyone that is new or has a young ham that is showing some interest in the hobby to get involved in one of these contests as a leisurely participant. It’s fairly easy to make contacts and it’s great for DX.

Some of the places we worked:

Ireland, Northern Ireland, Bonaire, Puerto Rico, Cape Verde, Manitoba, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Netherlands, Venezuela, Spain, Slovak Republic, Russia, Aruba, California and Pepperell, Massachusetts!

Jamey, KC1ENX