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Morse Code In The Music

How’s your Morse code ear? Try copying the Morse through the music QRM!

Baby Come Back to Me (The Morse Code Of Love) by The Crests. The primary doo-wop syllables are dit and dot. This song was later covered by The Manhattan Transfer

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. It sounds like he says dit dah repeatedly at the end of the song but is actually saying “bit by bit”

Der Telegraph by Welle: Erdball

London Calling by The Clash uses guitar feedback at the end of the song to create the letters “S.O.S.” in Morse code.

Lucifer by The Alan Parsons Project leads off with Morse which is repeated but sometimes overcome by the music

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by The Propellerheads. Morse is used to spell out OHMSS.

One by Metallica. In the music video, Morse is used for the severely handicapped veteran to communicate.

Planet Claire by the B52s leads off with a Morse message (the text of which is actually an automated message from a Canadian maritime automated weather station)

Radio KAOS solo album by Roger Waters. This album includes a number of Morse code sequences.

Radioactivity by Kraftwerk used Morse code extensively in the song.

Sub-Rosa Subway by Klaatu. This Canadian band includes a Morse lyric in their song.

Timber by Coldcut. spells “S.O.S” in the beginning.

Wireless Fantasy by Vladimir Ussachevsky.

For more fun, see the article entitled Morse Code Goes To Video

Layne, AE1N

HAM Manufacturer Puzzle

See the puzzle below –


  1. Go WEST young man, go WEST
  2. Weather Station Manf
  3. Weather Service Storm Pgm
  4. Sound Card Interfaces
  5. Transmitting Tubes
  6. SDF HF VHF UHF Manf
  7. Signalink USB
  8. For girls only
  9. New Location same Hamfest
  10. Ferrites for Hams
  11. K3S KX2 KX3
  12. Beaming Europe
  13. Amateur Test Gear
  14. Callsign Database
  15. Microphone Earphone Headphones
  16. Keyboard most used
  17. DX-SR9T Transceiver
  18. Antenna Manf
  19. Specialized Tuners
  20. It may have a code
  21. Shorty 40 Beam Manf
  22. East Coast HAM store


  1. HF VHF UHF Radio Manf
  2. Favorite Flea Mkt
  3. Books & Membership
  4. Hugh 10m Group
  5. Packet Radio Association
  6. Govt Org that owns Part 97
  7. Antenna Manf
  8. Antenna Manf
  9. GPS & Packet Accessories
  10. di dah dah dah dah
  11. DB series Yagis
  12. Digital Messaging & Location Sys
  13. You Name It Manf
  14. HF VHF UHF Radio Manf
  15. Linear Amplifier Manf
  16. Satellite Association
  17. Morse Code Keyer Manf
  18. Morse Code Keyer Manf
  19. Morse Code Society
  20. For the long licensed
  21. It is sold in bars
  22. Supped

Ham Radio Puzzle


Layne, AE1N