2016 NPOTA Activations

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Mobile HF HP26 #1Mobile HF HP26 2Aron Operating in HP26Aron and Anita Operating in HP26Saint-Gaudens Grounds 1Antenna Building 1Antenna Building 2Antenna Building 3Antenna Build 4Antenna Building 5Antenna Building 6Antenna Building 7Saint-Gaudens Park StaffSaint-Gaudens Park Staff 2Saint-Gaudens Grounds 1Saint-Gaudens Grounds 2Saint-Gaudens Grounds 3Saint-Gaudens Grounds 4Saint-Gaudens Grounds 5Saint-Gaudens Grounds 6Saint-Gaudens Grounds 7Saint-Gaudens Grounds 8Saint-Gaudens Grounds 9Saint-Gaudens Grounds 10Saint-Gaudens Grounds 11Saint-Gaudens Grounds 12Saint-Gaudens Grounds 13Saint-Gaudens Grounds 14Saint-Gaudens Grounds 15Saint-Gaudens Grounds 16Saint-Gaudens Grounds 17Saint-Gaudens Grounds 18Saint-Gaudens Grounds 19Saint-Gaudens Grounds 20Saint-Gaudens Grounds 21National Parks On The Air Activation by Our ClubPortable Ops 3Portable Ops 4Portable Ops 5Portable Ops 6Portable Ops 7Portable Ops 8Portable Ops 9Portable Ops 10Portable Ops 11Portable Ops 12Portable Ops 13Portable Ops 14Portable Ops 15Portable Ops 16Portable Ops 17Portable Station 1Portable Station 2Portable Station 3Portable Station 4Portable Station TestMobile HF at Saint-Gaudens 1Mobile HF at Saint-Gaudens 2Mobile HF at Saint-Gaudens 6Mobile HF at Saint-Gaudens 3Mobile HF at Saint-Gaudens 4Mobile HF at Saint-Gaudens 5Visit from a Local HAM