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    Layne AE1N
    Layne AE1N

    Licensed since 1996, Dan, NK0O, of Belton, Missouri, has an excellent take on Ham Radio and how we never stop learning. From his QRZ page:

    I enjoy the hobby more now than ever. I know there are many like-minded people out there because I get to talk to them regularly. As it is New Years Day today I feel compelled to take inventory of my thoughts about this .. so here goes:

    • There is something in the hobby for everyone.
    • If you like the technicals and fundamentals you can learn to build most anything
    • If your desire is nostalgic then HAM radio has a long and interesting history
    • If you’re a doomsday type, the necessity to communicate without your cell phone is strong
    • If you’re a techie, then there’s alot of room to create new gizmos
    • If you like to talk to people from different cultures, the air is a good place to meet them
    • I could go on, but you get the point 🙂
    • If you like to perform community service there are plenty of oppoprtunities.
    • Every community will eventually require skilled radio operators
    • Public networks do sometimes become useless, good skilled radio operators can get the message thru
    • There is usually an ARES or RACES group close by that you can volunteer for
    • If you long to teach there is a desparate need!
    • The skillset of the HAM is needed and must be forwarded to the next generation
    • Check out the STEM program developed for our schools, it may be a good match for you

    Those were mostly good things right? So the learning continues.

    source: https://www.qrz.com/lookup



    Layne AE1N

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