Vanity License Plates

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    Layne AE1N
    Layne AE1N

    Like most hams, I am proud of my callsign. I have even considered getting vanity license plates on my car so other hams on the road might recognize me. But I have hesitated…           Layne AE1N

    As Mike, K0COY, reminds us:

    “I think it would be appropriate to mention that before anyone contemplates having their callsign on their auto plates they should temper that idea with the knowledge that that is an invitation to thieves believing there is valuable radio equipment within your vehicle.

    I am not saying that such activity will happen, but my car was broken into several years ago, and I lost several pieces of equipment. I immediately had my plates changed to regular plates. Just a word to the community.
    73, and have fun. Mike Boyce, K0COY
    Of course without vanity plates, your external antennas are a dead giveaway!

    Layne AE1N

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