Timbuktu from the Pemigewasset River

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    Layne AE1N
    Layne AE1N

    Timbuktu from the Pemigewasset River by Jim W1PID

    The smell of autumn is in the air today. It’s beautiful and warm. Judy and I take a bicycle ride along the Pemigewasset River. I work Africa, Ukraine, Croatia and Spain.


    We ride down along Needle Shop Brook and turn north along the river. There are fallen apples and brown leaves on the road. It feels and smells like fall. But it’s warm and still. A perfect day for a bike ride.

    We ride about a half mile north and I see what I think is a piece of metal across the trail. I swerve quickly to avoid it, and realize it’s a snake! It slithers away into the grass. It’s a Northern Water Snake soaking up the warm, fall sunshine.

    We ride perhaps 3 miles and I start looking for a place to set up the KX3. There is a sunny field to the west with some large maple trees nearby. Judy goes into the field and I throw a 30 foot wire over the branch of a huge maple.





    Layne AE1N

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