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    Layne AE1N

    With waning sunspots and more compression of available bandwidth, one must be careful not to step on anyone’s toes. While no one can claim ‘ownership’ of any one frequency, there are agreed to ‘hangout’ areas.

    I surveyed all my resources and have made a .DOCX 1-page reference document showing the legally authorized and the General Agreement for frequency usage. What is a “Band Plan?”

    A band plan refers to a voluntary division of a band to avoid interference between incompatible modes.

    I cover 6 meters through 160 meters only. Of interest is the use of 6 meters. If you operate JT-65, JT-9, PSK, Digital, RTTY, FM and Packet modes, where should you be? I also notice a built-in incentive for hams to upgrade to Extra Class to obtain that lower 25-kHz area.



    Layne AE1N

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