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    Layne AE1N
    Layne AE1N

    Here is an important safety subject (from QRZ Forums) that I pass along regarding harnesses and tower climbing…

    W0BX: The tower climber shown on the March 2017 cover of QST is shown being belayed by a knot that has no place in safety equipment. The double overhand knot that is depicted on the back of the climber’s harness not only an easily untied, weak knot, it is not even dressed tightly. The zip ties on the line are a laughable attempt at making a bad knot better. As a professional climber myself, I can understand how people with no knowledge of safety equipment could make this mistake, but to put it on the cover of a DIY magazine like QST is really shocking.

    If you value your life or the life of those that you work with, consider looking at one of the many on-line resources for climbing knots. In this application, a figure 8, figure 9, or a double bowline with a stopper knot would be a far safer choice. After tying this or any knot, maximum strength is realized by “dressing” the knot by arranging the strands so that parallel strands within the knot do not twist, and the knot is pulled up tight. Be safe up there!
    Having her long hair blowing around loose near all that rigging is also a major safety problem. That said, it is obvious that the point of the photograph isn’t safety equipment. Or safety practices. Or the HT, for that matter.

    WB2WIK: She is a ham, and identified by her callsign and an article she wrote for last month’s issue. But that doesn’t mean she’s a tower climber. As I posted above, my guess is she was standing on the ground. Other than teaching really poor tower climbing practice, which it wasn’t intended to teach anyway, it’s a very nice shot.

    KK4ZYM: Showed that picture to the boys in our Boy Scout Troop. The first response from a couple of them was, “Do they want her to fall?” or “Hope that picture was on the ground.”



    Layne AE1N


    David Merchant

    Another article here about it:

    Tower Industry describes QST cover story as “lunacy”.



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