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    Layne AE1N
    Layne AE1N

    W1UL’s Ham Cram website is an exccellent resource for studying and learning for your HAM License and for Upgrading:
    <h3>Ham Cram Features</h3>

    The following is the list of the major ham cram features:

    1.  Totally FREE ham cram system access.

    2.  The ham cram system is the most efficient and effective ham radio licensing preparation available. The methodology is the result of experience gathered by teaching FCC licensing courses for over 30 years.

    3.  Learn at your own pace.

    4.  Access all course material from the ham cram website from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

    5.  Print a hard copy version of the study material for use anywhere. Tests are generated in real time therefore Internet access is required for individualized testing.

    6.  Many tutorials available if you choose mastery over memorization.

    7.  Skip the tutorials if prefer to pass the FCC exams with the minimum study time.

    8.  The ham cram preparation time for a technician license exam typically takes between 5 and 15 hours depending upon previous technical course work in high school or college, typically a physics course. Ability to form the associations between a question and a correct answer importantly influences the required time.

    9.  Prep time for the general license exam typically varies between 15 and 30 hours.

    10. Prep time for the extra license exam typically requires 30 to 50 hours.

    11. Prep time for the general and extra exams can be reduced if study begins shortly after passing the previous level exam.

    12, Full refund if you don’t pass the test. (That a joke, the complete system is available for FREE.)

    13. Urb, W1UL, and his wife Pat, W2PKV, developed the ham cram method. Urb is formerly W2DEC and has been a ham since 1949. He has been teaching licensing training courses for over 30 years.Both Pat and Urb have earned doctorates from Temple University. They have over 60 years of combined teaching experience.

    14. Customizable study session from just one of the ten question pool subelements or any combination of subelements.

    15. Study sessions display actually question pool questions and only the correct answers.

    16. Create your own test simulating the actual FCC tests using individual or combined subelements for the question pool.

    17. Tests are tracked by the ham cram system so you can review past results at any time. This technique highlights your weaknesses so you can direct your study.

    18. Questions not correctly answered on previous tests may be combined for a study or tests session.

    19. Test results are emailed to you and, optionally, to a mentor, Elmer or friend.

    20. Access to a web page providing summary information on your progress toward your goals. Important educational metrics are displayed such as results on all tests, scores, list of incorrectly answered question and many more.


    Layne AE1N

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